Friday, June 27, 2008

My last day in NY

It is my lat day in NY.

In these 2 weeks,

I have eaten
1) a Mexican lunch
2) Turkish food
3) a Brazillian dinner
4) Several Indian home cooked food
5) Soon to be Phillipines home cooked food (tonight!)
6) 1 tub of yogurt
7) Haagen Daaz mist choc ice cream
8) Frozen sausages and other TV dinners
9) Pepperidge wholewheat bread (it has a slight taste of banana bread!)
10) Fruit bars
11) Peaches, blueberries, cherries
12) Muffins - choc, raisin and oats, carrot and walnut

I have drank
1) Amish coffee - regular, hazelnut anf latte
2) Amish Chai Latte
3) Regular street coffee
4) Brazillian Shiraz/Chardonney wine

I have spent (approx.)
1) $170 for food and drinks
2) $ 500 for gifts

I have seen
1) Central Park in the summer
2) NY in the summer
3) Niagara Falls
4) Buffalo City
5) Strong winds in NY when it rains
6) Crazy thunder storms

I now know
1) Genuine friendship
2) the first impression I give is "my transparency"
3) my weakness is my "tendency to react"
4) I can spend
5) People here take lots of drugs but not often antibiotics

More pics when I get back. My head is whoozy from the flu medication I took last night and this morning.

Is the world literally spinning before me?

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andrewjune said...

i hope you're not having anymore ful by now...but what the heck, it's your LAST day there and i know you're wanting to come back to your hubby & christopher more than anything else's in this world...

it's good to hv eat/drink/enjoy some stuffs there before you're headed home...can't wait to see your beautiful photos!