Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Receive answers on credit card deals

You know how we always have questions about our credit cards sometimes? There i this website where you can receive answers on credit card deals!

Although I got to admit this site caters more for US, it is a great site to use whenever you travel there or intend to stay there.

My uncle is moving to US soon. Reckon this site will help him determine what credit card and bank to be associated with.

Even in my line of work, verification of bank details is very important since Electronic Fund Transfers are the way to go these days !

I hope one day such a site is available to cover all other countries as well. Then it would truly be a borderless financial world.

As of now, I still have to call each bank one by one and listen to the marketing talk of each customer agent.

In US, I just need to log on to this site and find all the details I need. Now, isn't that called customer service at its best?


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Hi Ann
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