Saturday, June 14, 2008

Thai Airways Airport Lounge

I am at the KLIA Thai Airport Lounge. I am on my way to Bangkok and after which to NY.

My son cried when I left.
He has been vommitting since last night (Friday).
Doctor says he has a throat and ear infection.
He has a high fever.
His body must be aching coz he is crying non stop.

There is no better timing than this.

Surprisingly I am not that anxious. I know there are people praying for him, for my hubby and for me. I know I have done all I can. I can rest on God's providence. God will take care of him and give everyone else the strength to take care of Christopher.

Not too sure about blogging.
Will see you all in perhaps 2 weeks time.

By the way...with regard to the Topic Title, Thai Royal Longue is so much smaller that MAS Golden Lounge. No wonder one costs MYR 18K and the other costs MYR30K !

It is Thai Airways last few flights to NY. After this trip, there will no longer be anymore direct flights from Thailand to NY anymore. Anyways.....


andrewjune said...

hey, no wonder didn't see you around lately...have been busy, haven't you?
and i guess probably lil chris is not feeling well...i really hope he is doing better now...
well, go to NY with a peaceful mind, cos your hubby will take a great care of lil chris...
and do come back fr NY with more photos to share! will be waiting for your return to blogging!

hope you get to meet HI and do post some photos of your meeting with her (if possible!)

take care & hv a blessed, wonderful & safe trip to NY!

Pat said...

Have a good trip, journey mercy :)

Julie said...

Oh...sounds bad. I hope Christopher will be fine.

Have a safe journey...God bless.