Monday, June 30, 2008

Some shots, some comments

There is no pictures really worth seeing then those of the food I had in New York. There were some Mexican and Japanese food that I had which I forgot to take pictures of. But after that, most other meals were shot!

The first of course being airline scenery and some food!

Then, there were the cool-ers that accompanied my many walks around New York!

Brazillian Food.
The dish that I ordered was the Vatapa. It consisted of fish and shrimp puree on the left and fish with prawns on the right with Brazillian spices. It was the best dish on the menu!!!

Oh.....for the LOVE of the Italians. Pizza will never be the same again! It was simply lovely, very basic and the cheese was really different. Ordering the pizza was tough coz you don't actually just choose the kind of pizza you want. You have to choose EVERY SINGLE INGREDIENT you want on the pizza right down to what herbs!!! (Not for the indecisive!)

And we also bullied our colleague's mum to cook typical Phillipines food for us.
The chicken was totally yummy and we found out that it was marinated in vinegar and soya sauce before putting to simmer for an hour or two!
And.....finally my usual breakfast places. Nothing like a nice warm drink and a stomach filling, soul satisfying bite to go with it!

So, I am back....wanted to take shots of the things I got....but have already unpacked and distrbuted most!
On the Christopher note, two weeks has changed him so much. He has grown fatter with my parents care, taller and SO MUCH MORE AWARE of his surroundings. He can be told off and reasoned with to a degree I myself am trying to get used to. I am glad to be home. It is good to be a mother and a wife first before a worker!


andrewjune said...

wow...that's a LOT of food there...makes me crave for the italian pizzas! yummy!
it's GREAT to see you enjoying the food there...
so food photos are here, waiting for your other photos yeah :-)

p/s: it's good to be home, yeah?
welcome back!

A gift from God said...

Oh....the food.... I am hungry...and yes...pizzas are so different there as compared to here... even their pizza hut's pizza taste so much better...

JLow said...

Wow! The Italian "section" looks sumptious!

But yeah: Looking forward to the "other" pics!

hissychick said...

Hi Ann,

Welcome back. All that food is making my mouth water. I'm looking forward to your other tales and pics too.

Hope all is well with you and your darling C too.

Angeline said...

Wow! I'm salivating....

(hey girl, there's an award for you over at my blog, go claim it!)

Moomykin said...

Welcome Home!!

Wow, you sure had a tastebuds' adventure too, eh? :)

Love the drinks, and the Italian sounds so amazing! I'm sure our versions of pizzas is nothing compared to the authentic!!
The Brazilian's Vatapa makes me think of our curry. Hahaha...

can't wait for more pix!!

HI said...

Oh, how I agree with your last sentence. :)

There's nothing like NY pizza and I'm sure from now on, you won't even want to eat the pizzas at Pizza Hut....hehe.

Ann said...

June - hte other pics are not as interesting as the food ones! But will compile some soon.

Gift from God - didn't try the Pizza hut this time round. They had too many other shops selling pizza as well, never got the chance to!

Jlow - SUMPTIOUS sums it all up pretty well. The taste....unforgivingly sinful, exorbitantly unforgetable!

Hissychick - will post on little C's developmental changes next.

Angeline - thanks thanks. Will claim them soon! Can I convert them to cash? ;)

Kin - the Vatapa was out of this world actually! But then so were most of the food. but gotta admit, I wish they had the Godiva Choc drink here.

HI - NY and Pizza ROCK !!! And also the shopping and the Godiva and the other cool yummy stuff!

Julie said...

Welcome back, Ann!

The Brazillian food are so tempting...

Ponytail said...

Waaaaaah...I want the Godiva Choc shake laaaa...

Can't really get any Godiva in M'sia except for KLIA - that also probably expired cause too expensive...huhuhu...

Wonder whether Hubby can tapao it back for me...kekeke :p