Monday, June 9, 2008

Weekend shots

Carl's Jr. Dinner at One Utama

Verdict: Surprisingly GOOD.

I would say this is a meal (price and portion) in between McD and TGIF burgers. The portion is fact FULL for fastfood standards.

Would we go again? Perhaps. In part due to the variety of drinks, the salsa bar (which makes my burger feel like Subway!) and the satisfaction!

Or maybe it was the Heinz tomato and chili sauce, the genuine potato chips and the neat way my burger was packaged!

Sour vege dish

I didn't cook this. It was given to me by my multi-talented babysitter one evening when I went to pick to up my son.

And I have asam fish, pork skin with pineapple, macaroni cheese to look forward to! yuuuummmmmyyyy.......

Finally...Christopher's 2 tooth shot


JLow said...
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JLow said...

Teeth are sprouting just in time for all the food reviews! This is intentional timing isn't it, Ann?


I liked Carl's when I first tried it, but it's been a while like last year since I have been. I did think the portions were "very worth it"; a whopper is just enough for me and Carl's were larger than that- makes a happee JLow!

This post makes me wanna go again!

hissychick said...

I can't comment on Carl's...but I can on Christopher's two teeth. How cuuuutttteee!!!

Ponytail said...

We tried the 1 in Sunway Pyramid, we were expecting McD standard and pricing...I agree the food portion is big and better quality...but Mike being Mike...said the business will be hard to survive here...
This is also the place where Zoe first showed us her cheeky "eeeeeeee" with teeth all showing monkey face...hahaha!

Angeline said...

so cute! what an angle for a photo shoot!

andrewjune said...

wah your bb sitter so nice to cook so many dishes for you...wahhh...

i used to be a BIG fan on burger & fries...but i'm on a strict diet at the moment...lah...

nice shot of christopher's two new shot it perfectly! it was difficult for me to take photos of my bb's 2 new teeth :-)

Julie said...

Like June, so difficult to get Jonathan to show his teeth. Christopher must be so proud of his two teeth. :)

Moomykin said...

Haven't been to Carl's Jr since they came back (had them like 15 years ago near the bird park).

The sour vege dish, my sis told me, is supposedly the "chop suey (sue-ii)" as termed by the Americans.

Love this shot of boyboy. What show of his teeth! :)

Ann said...

Jlow - you men are too lucky...don't really have to worry about weight. Can eat all the fries and fried chicken and burgers in the world!

Hissychick - a priceless grin ya!

PN - Zoe also want to show you that she got teeth to che into the BURGER!

Angeline - had to snap snap snap....irregardless the angle!

June- can eat them when you have reached your ideal weight. Then can take a break and go back to life as normal?

Julie - haha...tough to get them to pose! Thank God my camera is quick enough with sufficient lighting!

Kin - ya, I know it as chap suey too! And it does remind me of an old English movie that has this song Chap Suey too!

JLow said...

Oh you are so wrong!

We men have an image to uphold too! We are not all proud of the rolls in our mid-drift, overhanging bellies that push the belt down, panting going slight hills, and out women dropping heavy hints that we "need to consider going back to the gym"!

Strangely, we men also feel good when we look good!