Sunday, June 1, 2008

What to do? What to do?

It has been a long weekend. I was nearly at the point of taking medical leave on Monday.

My little one came down with a fever on Saturday. In fact the whole of Saturday he was feeling terribly lethargic. I have never seen him this way. Not even when he was down with a flu and fever. So, his tiredness really concerned me.

You can imagine Saturday night then. He fuly utilised all his sleeping hours and wanted to play with me at 2 am Sunday morning. So there I was playing pee-ka-boo with him at 2 am, fed him his panadol and milk and tried to get him to lie down again.

Eventually at 4 am (or thereabout) I took my tired boy to bed with me.

And guess what! The only position he was comfortable enough to want to try to sleep was lying on my chest!

So, that kept me half awake, half asleep uptil 7 am. Oh! my back ached!
But his sleeping on me was tolerated only coz in his sleep, he occasionally moaned and whimpered.

Sunday was church. No choice got to go early coz had duty. But I went alone.

From the walkway to my apartment, I could hear my son crying. It was pitiful. I nearly wanted to cry myself.

There is a difference between a frustrated cry, a I-want-something-cry and a pitiful,painful cry.
This was a pitiful, painful cry.
It must be his teething (2 bottom has sprouted out, 1 on top is about to).

Now, I am at work.
Hubby just told me a kid from the baby centre has HFM.
Another kid had more or less the same sysmptoms as mine - fever, malaise, no appetite.
I will have to wait a few days.
I pray it is nothing serious.
Please pray with me.


JLow said...

Oh dear, best keep a close eye on him.

I can't say I know much about HFM to leave any useful comment here..

andrewjune said...

ohhh no...hopefully it's nothing serious like HFM...
probably it's due to his teething...does your bb sitter rubs a type of powder on his gums so that he wont feel so painful? my bb sitter rubs a kind of powder (i cant remember the name) on her gums...otherwise they will be crying in pain...
i will keep boy boy in my prayers and i wish him a speedy recovery!
in the meantime, pls take a good rest yourself too!

hissychick said...

I hope your boy is feeling better now.

We've just had HFM in our house...including me (v rare for adults). It's not fun, but the kids seem to bounce back fairly quickly. The worst was over from them before the spots appeared if that makes sense. Although they both seemed to miss out on the mouth blisters, which were very painful. Panadol for littlies works wonders though.

Thinking of you.

HI said...

Oh no, I hope it's not HFM, just teething. Teething sometimes causes fever and not wanting to eat.

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, kids when teething will often cry, get upset as it bothers them.
I'm sure your kid just going thru that stage now, nothing to worry too much about, Ann.
Kids are much stronger than we them credit for.
I'm sure your kid is fine, just needs a mother's cuddle and soft, soothing voice...
You stay easy, Ann, and have a nice day, Lee.

Ann said...

Thanks to ALL OF YOU!

It's nothing serious after all!
It seldom is anything serious is it?

Though somethings are best left to be anxious and then relieved than regret for not taking it too seriously! :)

Ann said...

Hissychick - when I was concerned about HFM, I thought about you too and wanted to write to you to ask you how to overcome this as best as we can!