Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Tex-Mex Lunch at Jaya One

So, my colleagues and I decided to drive out for lunch today. It was our US colleague's last day with our team so we decided to give him a farewell.

(Actual any reason to go out and eat was fine with us!)

We decided to head down to Jaya One, the latest establishment in PJ with a cool cool concept. I mean if you consider Plaza Damas in Mont Kiara and the 'warmer' area at The Curve cool!

And of course we had a restaurant in mind.

Frontera Bar & Grill is a Tex-Mex dining place at the further right end of Jaya One's whole lineup of restaurants.

If you see the the Duck restaurant, go further up and you see Starbucks and then Wendy's and then it should be just a little bit further!

(Actually the Duck restaurant looked VERY appealing and Wendy's, I do want to try!)

So these was what we had!

I like the sound of Chimicanga! It sounds so supercalifragilisticexpealidocious! *smiles*
It was like a tortila wrapped in beef (or chicken) served with Mexican rice and refried beans! Don't ask me why they call it refried beans but it was GOOD! And the rice was alright (from a girl who doesn't really take rice). The tortila was stuffed to its fill with beef and topped with cheese.

The other one was actually a starter. It was like fried tortila with minced chicken inside. The dip was good though, with just a bit sour cream.

We also had chips (tortila of course) and salsa which was just fair.

Price per portion is about RM 20-30 and the music was just about a good mixture!

Will I go again? Only for occasions.

But to Jaya One itself, resounding YES! If only to try that duck and that Wendy's!

Frontera Bar & Grill
18-G-2, Block L
Jaya One
No. 72A, Jalan Universiti
Petaling Jaya
Tel No: 03- 7958 8515

30th July 2008

2 significant things happened on this date 30th July 2008.

1) The birth of Aaron Goh, the 2nd child of SL and John.
  • Thank God for the smooth delivery! The child is beautiful. But then again, which baby isn't! Sigh....makes me feel all maternal and wishful all over again!

2) Christopher now successfully drinks from a straw!
  • I have been feeding him from a straw for the pass few days and yesterday when I gave him the straw straight from the cup, he bit on it a while and then managed to suck the liquid up.

Bravo boy, mummy is so proud of you!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Durian anyone?

This was given to me by my babysitter.
Colour : Chrome yellow
Texture : Firm to touch was slightly creamy inside
Taste : Slightly bitter with an after taste of sweetness
Size of fruit : 2 bites all gone!
Size of seed : flat and small

Ming Court Hong Kong Tim Sum

Compiled some shots from other sites of the dim/tim sum that I ate in Ming Court Hong Kong.

Worth mentioning are:

The 'har kau' can be eaten (daintly) in one bite. What is so spectacular about the 'har kau' here is that the sweetness of the fresh prawn can really be tasted!

The 'char siew pau' skin is really thin and the dark sauced BBQ pork filling is so tasty. I only wished I had more than one!

The porridge was also really good. It was really thick and sweet with oysters, salted eggs. century eggs and (etc.). I didn't manage to hear what the waitress said was in the porridge.

The yam with pork filling was also really excellent. It was not too oily. And the yam was soft enough with the first bite and then the pork in the middle was so tender yet chewy enough to bite!

All in all, EXCELLENT! I do think it is better than Foh San!

Thought it would be relaxing! Guess again.....

I went back to Ipoh this weekend.
I thought it would be a relaxing break
but it was a far cry from relaxing !
Maybe coz I wanted time on my own so much
that I was out of the house 3 quarts of the time.
So, what did we do out of the house?
We ate and ate and ate.
A trip to Ipoh is never complete without FOOD!
My dad took us to this 'new' place for lunch.
(New in the sense we have never been there!)
The beef (and other cow parts) was REALLY GOOD!
And the soup that it came with was (I really think) real beef stock
with LOADS of parsley! TOTALLY YUMMY!

And of course no meal in Ipoh would be complete
without the classic white coffee!!!
(oh gosh.....and it comes with a head too!)
And not forgetting the chilli sauce.
It is really worth a mention!
Cheah brother's Beef Stall is in Ipoh Garden
where the old Parkson used to be!
Then of course one morning, we had to have TIM SUM!
We wanted to go to our original place Foh San
But mummy insisted we try this new place
The timsum is smaller (one bit size) but MUCH TASTIER.
We went on a Monday morning and SERVICE was great!
No rushing around for tables and all that nonsense!

(Sorry no photos of food coz son was grouchy
and food was comsumed too quickly!)
Ming Court Hong Kong is in Green Town

And of course the customary visits.

Whatever you need.
I mean YOU as in the adults!
A good place to relive your childhood
Cheap enough for you to buy without feeling guilty
And then hoping your kid will love it too!
I am guilty as charged!
I mean look at the toy on the left! The structures you can create!
And then battery in and the wheels will turn and turn...sooo fun!
This famous toy shop is the first toy shop you see
after Nam Heong coffee shop in Old Town Ipoh!
And for me, Ipoh will also not be Ipoh without biscuit buying!
The usual Yee Hup 'heong peang' in Ampang ....and

This wafer covering the wafer covering chocolate
was one biscuit I have been wanting to try for a long time.
I bought a whole large tin of it!
Aahhhh.....chocolate bliss!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Getting in emotionally

I am sad.

Sad because I just finished watching the show Triump in the Skies yesterday. The last few episodes of the show were very emotional but thankfully the last epsidoe in itself was a good ending.

I am sad not becuase of the ending of the show, but because that is the end of my 'involvement' in the lives of these people that make up the show.

I know. They are actors.
I know. It is just a show.

Sometimes when the whole family sits down for an English movie, there would be sad and hilarious scenes. My sister and husband would be laughing out loud. And then the scene is sad, my sister would cry. But I would remain neutral throughout that 2 hour or more movie.

I come to realize that I only cry and laugh when I watch Chinese serials. I need to be 'involved' in the 'life' of the person first before I can truly share in his/her happiness and sadness.

What about you? I know some of you do not actually watch Chinese serials at all. But do you laugh/cry in English 2/3 hour movies?

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Updates on Christopher @ 10 months

Several significant incidents signalled my little boy's coming of 10 months!

He can now stand unaided.

He has actually been trying to do this for a week or two now. It is really comical (and scary) to watch coz from a sitting position, he would try to get up without support. But he can't really, so his bum goes 1-2 inches off the floor and then down again in a 5-6 attempt.

Else he will stand up and let go! This which he now has successfully managed to do.
No photos unfortunately coz mummy's hands are still surrounding him in case he decdes to plop down on his bum!

He knows that after the edge of the bed is the floor and 'pain, pain' !

The other day as he was rolling all around and climbing over me and all the pillows, he reached the end of the bed. I am not a cautious mum. I usually let them explore and see what they will do. Of course (to redeeem myself), I either hold on to their clothings/leg/arm in case something does really happen!

But surprisingly. I found that on 2 seperate days, Christopher realised that it was the edge of the bed and tried to get back onto the safe vastness behind him. He would usually kick his legs to stabilise himself into a sitting postition and then turn around back into bed.

Clever boy!!!

On the pediatrician note.....Christopher went for his rountine growth checkup on Saturday. His pead brought out a whole file of games and stuff and papers to record his different milestones.


A little underweight - need to put on another 500 g to be an average weight!
Other developments are on par!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mamil marketing gimic or really something else?

I found something that is making me wonder if Mamil is up to some marketing gimic or that is really a purpose nutritionally to it!
Do you know, comparing all Step 2 milk (i.e. milk from 6-12 months), Mamil's number of feeding an total ounces taken is the highest?
Mamil Gold Step 2 recommends 8 oz to be taken 4 times a day, coming up to 32 oz per day.
Nan Step 2 recommends only 7 oz to be taken 3 times a day, coming up to 21 oz per day.
Similac/Bebelac and other brands all recommend a total of 21-24 oz of milk per day.
Enfa doesn't mention the recommend number of feeds per day.
Most other brands of milk only recommend about 6-7 oz of milk per feed, execpt Mamil with 8 oz!
My colleague and I were mainly comparing Nan and Mamil Gold since her kids take Nan and my boy takes Mamil Gold. We looked at the nutritional value and found that both have almost the same amount of fat and protein, with Mamil Gold being a few grams lessor/100g.
And I also realised that the scoop for Mamil is slightly bigger than Nan but 0.xg.

According to my colleague who has decided to let her daughter try Mamil, her babysitter commented that with Mamil, her daughter seems to get hungry faster. With Nan it can last another 1 more on average.

So, what is the catch?
I know this should not be the hard-and-fast rule of how much milk we give to our kids, but what do you think is the reason for this?
On the adult side, we were talking about chocolates the other day and my colleagues and I came to a conclusion that everyone loves Ferrero Rocher.

We may like and dislike other brands of chocolate, but with Ferrero, you never not like it?

Ooohh....the layers are heavenly!

Don't you agree?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


There was a road block again this morning, Thursday 17 July 2008 !!! it was done at the same place in front of Eastin.

And this time it was BAD. It was a 4/5 line road limited to just 1!!! And it happened at 6 am when the peak hour traffic was already building up! I was stuck in this idiotic road block for 30 minutes! How long will the next batch of people get stuck in when the traffic gets heavier?

I mean talk about inefficiency! Why can't those PEOPLE create two lines and have men man on both sides?

What was the purpose of the road block when even upon reaching there, they didn't even look at the car! But then again given that we were almost at standstill and that we were busy manoveuring our car around their silly cones, they certainly could take their time to look at the smallest dirt particle on our windscreen!

And don't they think that if they have it in the same place again the 2nd time in a week, whoever it is they want to catch would know to take another route? And that they would most probably have some informants like the petrol station guys beside the roadblock to let them know in advance? I mean these troublemakers (if there are any to begin with) are not AS stupid!

Reckon all that was achieved was to test our driving skill and for us to waste more petrol!
After the road block, so many drivers were driving recklessly and flashing headlights. I would have to if not for the fact that I was close enough to office not to be late!

As you can see, I am still fuming!!!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sleeping arrangements

Went to see the progress of my new house last weekend. It is almost done - 80% complete according to the loan schedule!!!

So, my mind is now filled with little decorative and renovation ideas when it is not filled with Christopher and cooking and ironing and washing and...hubby!

The one things weighing most heavy on my thoughts is the sleeping arrangement.

Option 1 - allow the kids to sleep with us till they are bigger
Option 2 - kick boyboy to his own room and only let #2 (when it happens) sleep with us in the cot until he/she grows too big for the cot!

Now Option 2 might mean that I will have to build an adjoining door in between the master bedroom and the kid's room. This is to avoid them going out to the landing and performing any stunts near the staircase. But then if I kick him/them to their own rooms, I would be able to get a bed!! And also decorate my master bedroom properly!

I know many stick to Option 1 simply becoz the kids still have nightmares/wake up in the middle of the night etc. But I also know that most who start off with Option 1 end up having the kids with them till they are old enough to want to sleep alone or when the moon turns blue! :) And having Option 1 would mean that my master bedroom will be 1 queen mattress and 2 single mattresses on the floor!!!

So, what do you do? What will you do? What do you think I should do?

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Updates I forgot to mention!

My babysitter sent me these photos quite sometime ago.

My little Christopher now has quite a firm handgrip.
He can now hold his own bottle during the day.
When he is not too lazy or too tired or too blur!!!

His right hand usually will grip better with his thumb being able to go under the bottle
so that it falls into a nice grip.
But he has a tendency of holding out his pinkie after a while!

And his left hand usually does not grip round the bottle.
He will move it away and hold the end of the bottle
and push it down to his mouth instead.
And another few shots of him amusing himself at my babysitter's place.
When I carry him and look into the mirror, he usually gets very excited
and kicks and laughs out loud.
Left alone, he actually explores more than reacts to the image of himself!

Guess he was laughing at mummy and not at his image when I carry him!
I do tend to make funny faces after all!!! hehe...

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Going Places

Hubby will be going to these two places at the end of August.
Initially I had planned to go with him.
But due to my inability to take leave
for two weeks...
Looks like I can only see the place from photos!
So, do you know where he is going?
And after his workshop in the above place
He will go over to this country (below) to meet an old friend
(since he is already over there!)

And of course since he is there, I am planning to ask him to get me
  • My Sistene Chapel Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Fridge Magnets
  • Chocolates
What else can I get him to buy?! Hmmm.....

Trying out

I managed to buy a finger toothbrush and The First Teeth toothpaste
for Christopher while I was in NY.
Considering the sticky cheese that he ate last night,
I decided to give his gums and 2 front teeth a little brush
with water only this time.
And the outcome was....
Reckon he wasn't all that pleased!
His reflex action was to suck (Thank God)
and not BITE!!!
When more of his teeth come out, will try with

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meals for Christopher

These are the new foods that Christopher has eaten since my return

  1. Apple and fish (mah yau/kurau) porridge
  2. "President" burger cheese (less salt and melt in the mouth for 10 month olds)
  3. Nutrifresh from E-excel (for immune system)
  4. Pork and spinach porridge
  5. Steamed tofu
  6. Arnott's arrowroot biscuits
Will be coming up with more combinations for him.

And most of his solid food was made possible due to my latest RM238 purchase - the Shimano blender!!! Bought at a stall setup in front of Home Fix at One Utama.

It ain't that hard after all cooking for little' C !!

Names of fish

Now, I have always been curious about the names of fish. I have been brought up knowing only the Cantonese name of the fish and I sort of vageuly know how the fish looks like raw!.

So, in an interest to get it sorted out, I searched for the names of the fish and found this!

  • Ikan Bawal Putih : White Pomfret. Chong Yee [Chinese], Vowal Meenu [Tamil].
  • Ikan Bawal Hitam : Black Pomfret, also called Pompano. Hak Chong Yee [Chinese], Karuppu Vowal [Tamil].
  • Ikan Bawal Selatan : Silver Pomfret. Pak Chong Yee [Chinese].
  • Ikan Bayan / Ikan Ketarap : Parrotfish, also called Tuskfish or Wrasse.
  • Ikan Duri : Catfish. Tong Sat [Chinese], Mulluvalai [Tamil].
  • Ikan Haruan : Snakehead fish.
  • Ikan Jenahak : Golden Snapper.
  • Ikan Kakap : Sea Bream, also called Porgy or Porgies.
  • Ikan Kakap Merah : Red Sea Bream.
  • Ikan Kayu : Tuna. Kam Cheong Yee [Chinese].
  • Ikan Tongkol : Albacore Tuna. Kam Cheong Yee [Chinese].
  • Ikan Kelah : Malaysian Mahseer, also called Greater Brook Carp.
  • Ikan Kembong : Mackerel, also called Chubb Mackerel or Indian Mackerel.
  • Ikan Kerapu : Grouper. Sek Pan [Chinese].
  • Ikan Kerapu Pisang : Yellowfin Grouper.
  • Ikan Kunyit : Yellowtail Snapper.
  • Ikan Kurau : Treadfin. Tai Mah Yau Yee [Chinese], Koduva Meen [Tamil].
  • Ikan Merah : Red Snapper. Hoong Yee [Chinese], Sikappu Meen [Tamil].
  • Ikan Parang : Wolf Herring. Sai Toh Yee [Chinese].
  • Ikan Pari : Stingray, Skate, Skate Wings. Po Yee [Chinese].
  • Ikan Pari Hantu : Manta Ray.
  • Ikan Patin : Silver Catfish.
  • Ikan Selar : Scad.
  • Ikan Selayang / Ikan Tamban : Sardine. Sa Ting Yee [Chinese], Siru Meen [Tamil].
  • Ikan Siakap : Barramundi, also called Asian Seabass or Giant Perch.
  • Ikan Susu : Milkfish.
  • Ikan Tenggiri : Spanish Mackerel. Kau Yee [Chinese].
  • Ikan Terubok : Shad, also called River Herring.
  • Ikan Yu : Shark. Sar Yee [Chinese].

At least I know what "sek pan" is now. I have been enlightened earlier that "mah yau" is Kurau!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dreams can come true

It is a wonderous thing indeed when dreams come true.

As a kid, I loved my Lego. My parents said they were always amazed at the structures I came up with playing with my Lego. There was much detail in my buildings and I used to colour coordinate my Lego pieces. Those days were not like current times. They didn't think of taking photos of all my milestones or htings that amazed them.

I think I was born a builder!

I also remembered asking my mum if anyone could ever build a house make of Lego bricks and then stay in it. To me, it seemsed possible coz when water trickled down my Lego buildings, it sure didn't seep in!

And so birthed a dream of building a Lego house.

Till today I still think about the possibility of it. I still dream of building my Lego house.

My recent trip to NY made it possible. I have told a few people that I bought Lego house creation set for myself. And they looked at me "one-kind"!!!

But to me it is more than a purchase. It is a dream coming true.

Look at my house! Maybe I will live it it one day!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Any change?

Significant growth ya? If you know what I mean....

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back with a vengence

I am back. And back with a vengence.

My departure the last 2 weeks made some things very apparent.

Firstly, nothing can beat the care given by my parents for their grandson. In the one week he was with them, he didn't fall ill, didn't not sleep well, didn't not eat well, drank his milk heartily and learned quite a few things.

I noticed the vast difference in my son when I returned. He put on alot of weight and he could concentrate better when I talked to him.

It must have been the time of emergence for him. And I think my parents dedication in talking to him constantly, showing him new things, disciplining him (with the years of experience in bringing me up) and their constant music that filled the house must have provoked any milestone to a greater extent.

In Ipoh, he got excited tearing paper and trying to keep the little pieces in his hand while tearing another bit away. He got excited looking at the rain that gathered in the roof gutters fall into the pail below. He relaxed being outside the house in the compound in the early morning breathing in fresh air and looking at my parents do their gardening. He looked at my parents and the neighbours as they exchanged courtesies.

It was a different life. One that really made him stop and wonder and listen.

This has reinforced my desire to send him to my parents place for a week or two every year from now on. And when he is bigger, during school holidays.

So, what am I back to do?

I am back to make sure I talk to him more. And teach him carefully. To tell him stories of moral and love and kindness.

I am also back to cooking more and better for him. I will start getting him fresh food, bring out the slow cooker and cook hearty meals for him during weekends. I will get simply food like fish, fresh fruits and vegetable stew to feed him on weekdays as an addition to the porridge he has at the babysitter.

He is getting bigger, I will start to let him have some cheese and maybe some yogurt as variety to his food intake.

I intend to start him on E-excel to boost his immune system.

My son is capable of being heavier, fatter, smarter. The buck starts with me.

And I am back...back with a vengence to make it happen. The buck will not start and stop with me!

Pray for sustanance!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

After "The Kite Runner"

I watched this show in the airline on my way back - The Kite Runner.
I highly recommend this show to anyone you has the time to sit quietly for 2 hours.
It is thought provoking and heart wrenching.

***After thoughts***

Strength lies in being patient when there is no reason to be.
Be it in moments of injustice.
Be it in moments provocation.
Be it in moments of denial.

Strength lies in being patient simply because.
Because the person before us is our marraige partner.
Becuase the person before us is our friend.
Or simply becuase it is the right thing to do.

Strength lies in accepting punishment.
Simply because the person before us cannot accept it.

Strength lies in knowing you are a coward.
And accepting that you no longer have to be.
To act upon instead of reacting against.

And Strength lies in accepting the weakness of others.
Giving them hope that they.
Might emerge into strength.
cowards no more.