Wednesday, July 30, 2008

30th July 2008

2 significant things happened on this date 30th July 2008.

1) The birth of Aaron Goh, the 2nd child of SL and John.
  • Thank God for the smooth delivery! The child is beautiful. But then again, which baby isn't! Sigh....makes me feel all maternal and wishful all over again!

2) Christopher now successfully drinks from a straw!
  • I have been feeding him from a straw for the pass few days and yesterday when I gave him the straw straight from the cup, he bit on it a while and then managed to suck the liquid up.

Bravo boy, mummy is so proud of you!


JLow said...

Yay for Christopher!

Now you can introduce him to Coke, Vitagen, sweet sweet built-in-straw packets of Ribena!

Haha sorry for being cheeky!

Julie said...

Clever Christopher! It's really a hard work for them to be able to suck from a straw...moreover the longer straw at kopitiam.

Moomykin said...

Hooray for Christopher!!

andrewjune said...

wah clever boy ehhh...
hubby bought rachael an advent's magic cup but she doesnt really know how to use it yet...maybe we should train her from a straw ehhh...

Cuddly Family said...

the Js loved the magic cup :)

but k.. he refused, wanted a sippy cup or drink like ko-kos (he's still trying to be exactly like ko-ko LOL).

WELL DONE Christopher!!! :)

aww they grow up so fast... waahh makes me want another!! (see Cuddly hubby run screaming from the room!)