Tuesday, July 1, 2008

After "The Kite Runner"

I watched this show in the airline on my way back - The Kite Runner.
I highly recommend this show to anyone you has the time to sit quietly for 2 hours.
It is thought provoking and heart wrenching.

***After thoughts***

Strength lies in being patient when there is no reason to be.
Be it in moments of injustice.
Be it in moments provocation.
Be it in moments of denial.

Strength lies in being patient simply because.
Because the person before us is our marraige partner.
Becuase the person before us is our friend.
Or simply becuase it is the right thing to do.

Strength lies in accepting punishment.
Simply because the person before us cannot accept it.

Strength lies in knowing you are a coward.
And accepting that you no longer have to be.
To act upon instead of reacting against.

And Strength lies in accepting the weakness of others.
Giving them hope that they.
Might emerge into strength.
cowards no more.


hissychick said...

Beautiful sentiments Ann.

I haven't seen the movie but the book is fabulous.

Moomykin said...

Well written, and now makes me want to see the show. :)

Ann said...

Hissychick - ya...I heard the book is better than the movie!

Kin - really worth seeing it and I think it is a book I will try to get my kids to read. The moral in between the lines is enriching and worth remembering.

toddlerdaddy said...

A friend at work was raving about this movie just the other day.

I guess I may have to borrow the book from wife - although from memory it made her sad for days afterwards (in a good way though)