Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Back with a vengence

I am back. And back with a vengence.

My departure the last 2 weeks made some things very apparent.

Firstly, nothing can beat the care given by my parents for their grandson. In the one week he was with them, he didn't fall ill, didn't not sleep well, didn't not eat well, drank his milk heartily and learned quite a few things.

I noticed the vast difference in my son when I returned. He put on alot of weight and he could concentrate better when I talked to him.

It must have been the time of emergence for him. And I think my parents dedication in talking to him constantly, showing him new things, disciplining him (with the years of experience in bringing me up) and their constant music that filled the house must have provoked any milestone to a greater extent.

In Ipoh, he got excited tearing paper and trying to keep the little pieces in his hand while tearing another bit away. He got excited looking at the rain that gathered in the roof gutters fall into the pail below. He relaxed being outside the house in the compound in the early morning breathing in fresh air and looking at my parents do their gardening. He looked at my parents and the neighbours as they exchanged courtesies.

It was a different life. One that really made him stop and wonder and listen.

This has reinforced my desire to send him to my parents place for a week or two every year from now on. And when he is bigger, during school holidays.

So, what am I back to do?

I am back to make sure I talk to him more. And teach him carefully. To tell him stories of moral and love and kindness.

I am also back to cooking more and better for him. I will start getting him fresh food, bring out the slow cooker and cook hearty meals for him during weekends. I will get simply food like fish, fresh fruits and vegetable stew to feed him on weekdays as an addition to the porridge he has at the babysitter.

He is getting bigger, I will start to let him have some cheese and maybe some yogurt as variety to his food intake.

I intend to start him on E-excel to boost his immune system.

My son is capable of being heavier, fatter, smarter. The buck starts with me.

And I am back...back with a vengence to make it happen. The buck will not start and stop with me!

Pray for sustanance!


andrewjune said...

*clap clap* go for it...!
me and hubby are also starting to cook fresh porridge for our darling instead of depending too much on the jar food :-)

mumsgather said...

Wow! You sound full of determination. Go for it girl! Hehe.

Julie said... fresh food for Christopher boy! Happy cooking.

Me too, when Jonathan is few years older, I will have him stay with my parents at times. We want him to go through the childhood we had gone through, work in the orchard, a breakfast companion of my dad, and many more.

JLow said...

I think, sometimes, that a change in scenary for the little ones can do some good.

When Hot Mummee and I were in Sydney for over 3 weeks (in fact, longer for Hot Mummee), Caitlin was left in my parents' care; she is usually left with my inlaws.

When I returned, she was somewhat a slightly different person: She seemed a little more mature than I remembered her, a little slimmer (frankly she ate/eats too much, my mum controlled her timing and amount of food intake), looked healthier cos she (was made to!) stick to a schedule of sleep and waking, and learned quite a few Mandarin vocab! This last one did her some confidence as she was about to start preschool then, and we had every intention of getting her into the Mandarin classes (which she is in now).

hissychick said...

You go girl!

Cooking for the kids is great. Even a non domesticated girl can do it and even enjoy it :)

angeline said...

Nothing can stop a woman once she is determined to do something!

All the way, girl!

HI said...

Good for you. I'm sure the change in scenery stimulated boyboy. Start reading to him, teach him new things.

I began reading and talking in mandarin to Olivia since 3 months old. Now at 20 months, she knows more than the average child (not that I want to compare :)and she can understand a second language (though she doesn't speak mandarin yet).

Keep up the good work!!

Moomykin said...

Yeah! Way to go, Mummy!!

I am so glad to hear boyboy is growing so well, and yes, nothing can replace the time you spend nurturing your child.

Happy Mother's Day!!

Ann said...

June - yeah...I remember we both started with jar food coz they eat too little when they are younger. You cook and I cook and we both see our little darlings grow stronger and taller ya!

Mumsgather - determination indeed. When we see the difference it can make, it becomes an easy task to do!

Julie - your dad has an orchard? CAn I come visit? Never been to one before and I think it will be a good experience for the kids when they are bigger!

JLow - that is good. Schedule is good for a child and someone else inforcing it and you just following up is a good thing ya! :)

Hissychick - I used to love cooking and now have to pick it up again. It can be quite theurapetic sometimes.

Angeline - thanks for the vote of confidence. I can do is a matter of how long! ;)

HI - good for you!!! Languages are best picked up when they are young. I wish I knew some Mandarin as well to teach Christopher.

Kin - you know laterly when I read other mumm's post, I feel like telling them "Happy Mothers'Day" too! It seems mums are back with a purpose these pass few days. It is good ya!

Ponytail said...

Aaahh...the magical hands of Grandparents! I am also hoping that I can do the same as you...

Have fun cooking for little Christopher :)

The joy of seeing them eat, grow, healthy and enjoying the food you produce far outweighs the work involved in cooking...
Once you get the hang of it, cooking for our little one is really easy :)

Wai Yin said...

your mum is really great and very very patient...can get my girls talk and talk with her...

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, nothing like a change of scenery to create some curiousity and looking at things differently.
And nothing like a mom with vengence on her mind...go ahead, mould him, create him, love him...teach him, show him all the best virtues only a mother knows...he will make you proud one of this days when he stands taller than you and says, "thank you mom".
Have a nice weekend, Lee.