Sunday, July 6, 2008

Dreams can come true

It is a wonderous thing indeed when dreams come true.

As a kid, I loved my Lego. My parents said they were always amazed at the structures I came up with playing with my Lego. There was much detail in my buildings and I used to colour coordinate my Lego pieces. Those days were not like current times. They didn't think of taking photos of all my milestones or htings that amazed them.

I think I was born a builder!

I also remembered asking my mum if anyone could ever build a house make of Lego bricks and then stay in it. To me, it seemsed possible coz when water trickled down my Lego buildings, it sure didn't seep in!

And so birthed a dream of building a Lego house.

Till today I still think about the possibility of it. I still dream of building my Lego house.

My recent trip to NY made it possible. I have told a few people that I bought Lego house creation set for myself. And they looked at me "one-kind"!!!

But to me it is more than a purchase. It is a dream coming true.

Look at my house! Maybe I will live it it one day!


HI said...

That's a very nice house!! Great job. I suppose your dream will come true when you move into your house. :)

andrewjune said... actually did that out from the LEGO set? wah lau ehhh!

yeah your dreams already came true-just getting ready to move in your new hse only!

Moomykin said...

Ooh! Welldone! Nice!!
I loved Lego too!

And I too loved building houses with them! Even the wooden blocks I played with about 6 years old, I always just built houses and towers. Hahaha...

Just last weekend Gadget-daddy and I walked into Brickboys Toys - Lego shop in Midvalley the Gardens. Amazing place. But we did not get anything, as we were just doing a quick browse after Grandma called saying that the boys wanted us - yeah, we were out on a date. ;)

mumsgather said...

Having kids allows us to be kids again doesn't it? Happy building your dream house! :)

Anonymous said...

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JLow said...

Looks like we have a closet architect here? :)

JLow said...
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Ann said...

HI, June - my dream for a Lego house was greater than my dream for an actual house. But I am slowly starting to love thinking about how I can decorate my new house now.

Kin - I am glad you had your date!!! I heard the Lego place in The Gardens is great too!!!

Mumsgather - ya...would not have visited the toy store if not for boyboy and saw the possibiblities with Lego now a days.

JLow - closet architect huh...hmmm...ya...seem to be hiding in the closet more often these days!!

Oli - Stilling Your Moments - said...

Hey! The same day you posted your lego house, I got my globe puzzle...something I have also wanted for a long time...but I didn't piece it together lah...someone else did the piecing =p I got excited 'bout it and took photos of it and just posted it up on my blog last nite..haha... =p

Baby Darren said...

wah...u are very creative leh... your lego house really nice.

Angeline said...

Superb! I was a lego kid when I was young too. And boy or boy! I would love to visit you when (one day) you do move into one like that!!!

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, always live out your dreams.
In dreams and in love there are no impossibilities.
You have a nice day, Lee.