Thursday, July 17, 2008

Mamil marketing gimic or really something else?

I found something that is making me wonder if Mamil is up to some marketing gimic or that is really a purpose nutritionally to it!
Do you know, comparing all Step 2 milk (i.e. milk from 6-12 months), Mamil's number of feeding an total ounces taken is the highest?
Mamil Gold Step 2 recommends 8 oz to be taken 4 times a day, coming up to 32 oz per day.
Nan Step 2 recommends only 7 oz to be taken 3 times a day, coming up to 21 oz per day.
Similac/Bebelac and other brands all recommend a total of 21-24 oz of milk per day.
Enfa doesn't mention the recommend number of feeds per day.
Most other brands of milk only recommend about 6-7 oz of milk per feed, execpt Mamil with 8 oz!
My colleague and I were mainly comparing Nan and Mamil Gold since her kids take Nan and my boy takes Mamil Gold. We looked at the nutritional value and found that both have almost the same amount of fat and protein, with Mamil Gold being a few grams lessor/100g.
And I also realised that the scoop for Mamil is slightly bigger than Nan but 0.xg.

According to my colleague who has decided to let her daughter try Mamil, her babysitter commented that with Mamil, her daughter seems to get hungry faster. With Nan it can last another 1 more on average.

So, what is the catch?
I know this should not be the hard-and-fast rule of how much milk we give to our kids, but what do you think is the reason for this?
On the adult side, we were talking about chocolates the other day and my colleagues and I came to a conclusion that everyone loves Ferrero Rocher.

We may like and dislike other brands of chocolate, but with Ferrero, you never not like it?

Ooohh....the layers are heavenly!

Don't you agree?


andrewjune said...

rachael is taking far she's taking 5 oz together with solid food. friends said to switch to pediasure when she turns 1 yrs old...
i'm not to keen to switch but hubby says pediasure is more complete...emmm...

i used to love chocolates can even eat the whole box full of it...but i will get pimples i guess i hv not been eating chocolates since i'm trying to lose weight hehehe...


Angeline said...

Ahhhhh! Chocolate!!!! I am heading to my fridge for some now! Humph!

JLow said...

Lemme check...

My 6mth Caleb is on Enfapro A+.

For a single feed, it says:
6-12mth: 180mL (6oz) water, 6 scoops
12mth and above: 240mL (8oz), 8 scoops

But it doesn't suggest how many feeds per day...

Cheeky Caitlin is making / blowing bubbles in her water cup as I am typing.... sigh..

I do like good chocolates too, but it doesn't have to be Ferrero. I am quite happy with Cadbury for a quick sugar fix, prefer the Fruit and Nut variety ;)

Baby Darren said...

wah...u are so detail..I never checked that the last time when Darren was taking Mamil Gold before he turned 1.

I followed what Darren can accept for his milk intake. I think I gave Darren about 180ml that time.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann,

wow, you are hardworking to check the labels of all those different brands of FM!

and i LOVE Ferrero Rocher to the MAX!! gonna get myself a box tomorrow now that i see it, i crave for it.

Oli - Stilling Your Moments - said...

You just made me wanna go get a box of Ferrero Rocher....

Ponytail said...

Zoe is taking enfaGrow A+...normally around 7 ounce water with 4 scoops...sometimes i give her less cause she always dun finish her milk...

i am still waiting for the godiva chocolates from Mike...kekeke

Fererro Rocher wun go wrong as a gift during Christmas or CNY :)

Moomykin said...

Micah is now on Neslac 3+ and he takes between 4 to 6 ounces, maybe 4-6 times a day, depending on his mood and how his day has been. Sucking is still very comforting for him, so when he is upset, he will ask for his "milk-uh". Max still on mommy's milk.

Chocolates: anything is good for an occasional crave, but I like bitter-sweet best. Love the very chocolatey taste.

Cuddly Family said...

err.. K never had formula. He was on mummys milk till 18mths plus and had cows milk (UHT or whatever) after a year old.

with the Js.. after around just before 5mths I started supplementing (I wish I hadnt now but oh well), they'd have 3-4 oz, several times a day, but you know I can't remember, it's over 6years now LOL

Formula is soooo mahal wei and smells so sweet :(

good llah you read labels so "kau-kau" LOL but it is good that you do I guess.

ohhhh chocolate.. one of those essential food groups ;)