Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Meals for Christopher

These are the new foods that Christopher has eaten since my return

  1. Apple and fish (mah yau/kurau) porridge
  2. "President" burger cheese (less salt and melt in the mouth for 10 month olds)
  3. Nutrifresh from E-excel (for immune system)
  4. Pork and spinach porridge
  5. Steamed tofu
  6. Arnott's arrowroot biscuits
Will be coming up with more combinations for him.

And most of his solid food was made possible due to my latest RM238 purchase - the Shimano blender!!! Bought at a stall setup in front of Home Fix at One Utama.

It ain't that hard after all cooking for little' C !!


simon said...

shimano for me is the brand of racing bikes :)

andrewjune said...

wow...you bought a blender for rm238! we just use a normal blender only :-)
some mummy bloggers commented that we dont actually hv to use the blender, some said it will cause more wind in their tummy, some said to use slow cooker to make it softer...i hv not use the slow cooker yet cos ours is a big one and i just dont know how to cook a samll portion with a big slow cooker hahaha...
anyway yeah it is actually ain't that hard cooking for the little one, ehhh? hubby & i are going to cook more combinations for bb too...
good job, Ann!

HI said...

Yum...pork and spinach porridge sounds delicious. I will have to try that for Olivia.

'President' burger cheese? How do you make that?

Great job cooking all these homemade food.

Pat said...

Good stuff! But be careful not to upset his stomach with too many new things :) Cynthia had been alternating between painful constipation and even more painful diarrhea for the past few months as we try to find a balance in her diet.

Ann said...

Simon - yeah...if you google search it without the blender word, it actually just shows you BIKES!!! :)

June - actually the blender was also for me. Coz it can make soya bean and also hubby wanted something to make milk shakes and also I love minced ginger. So, it makes sense to purchase EVEN if not for boyboy! :)
(excuse! excuse!)

HI - bought the President cheese actually. Don't know if you can find it there?

Pat - thanks for the advice. Yeah...sometimes I can get a little bit too enthusiastic. Actually some of the things he has already eaten before. Only it wasn't me giving it to him. Reckon the only REALY new thing he had was the Nutrifresh!

Moomykin said...

Ooo... yummy yummy!

Well done, Mommy.
Happy cooking.

Cecilia said...

I am sorry but I do not recommend using the blender at all for cooking children's food.
1. When a child becomes too used to blended food he will not be able to take coarser food and will gag and choke and sometimes may take up to a year to wean him off blended food to normal food.
1. Most children will have a few teeth by the time they are 10 months old and need to learn how to chew. Giving blended food will delay this acivity.
Christopher is almost 1 year old and is able to eat almost anything as long as it is the right size and not too salty or sweet. Please refrain from giving him blended food or you will retard what he has achieved so far.
I would suggest that you invest in a small slow cooker (just for cooking his food) which is less time consuming than having to cook and then blend the food.