Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Names of fish

Now, I have always been curious about the names of fish. I have been brought up knowing only the Cantonese name of the fish and I sort of vageuly know how the fish looks like raw!.

So, in an interest to get it sorted out, I searched for the names of the fish and found this!

  • Ikan Bawal Putih : White Pomfret. Chong Yee [Chinese], Vowal Meenu [Tamil].
  • Ikan Bawal Hitam : Black Pomfret, also called Pompano. Hak Chong Yee [Chinese], Karuppu Vowal [Tamil].
  • Ikan Bawal Selatan : Silver Pomfret. Pak Chong Yee [Chinese].
  • Ikan Bayan / Ikan Ketarap : Parrotfish, also called Tuskfish or Wrasse.
  • Ikan Duri : Catfish. Tong Sat [Chinese], Mulluvalai [Tamil].
  • Ikan Haruan : Snakehead fish.
  • Ikan Jenahak : Golden Snapper.
  • Ikan Kakap : Sea Bream, also called Porgy or Porgies.
  • Ikan Kakap Merah : Red Sea Bream.
  • Ikan Kayu : Tuna. Kam Cheong Yee [Chinese].
  • Ikan Tongkol : Albacore Tuna. Kam Cheong Yee [Chinese].
  • Ikan Kelah : Malaysian Mahseer, also called Greater Brook Carp.
  • Ikan Kembong : Mackerel, also called Chubb Mackerel or Indian Mackerel.
  • Ikan Kerapu : Grouper. Sek Pan [Chinese].
  • Ikan Kerapu Pisang : Yellowfin Grouper.
  • Ikan Kunyit : Yellowtail Snapper.
  • Ikan Kurau : Treadfin. Tai Mah Yau Yee [Chinese], Koduva Meen [Tamil].
  • Ikan Merah : Red Snapper. Hoong Yee [Chinese], Sikappu Meen [Tamil].
  • Ikan Parang : Wolf Herring. Sai Toh Yee [Chinese].
  • Ikan Pari : Stingray, Skate, Skate Wings. Po Yee [Chinese].
  • Ikan Pari Hantu : Manta Ray.
  • Ikan Patin : Silver Catfish.
  • Ikan Selar : Scad.
  • Ikan Selayang / Ikan Tamban : Sardine. Sa Ting Yee [Chinese], Siru Meen [Tamil].
  • Ikan Siakap : Barramundi, also called Asian Seabass or Giant Perch.
  • Ikan Susu : Milkfish.
  • Ikan Tenggiri : Spanish Mackerel. Kau Yee [Chinese].
  • Ikan Terubok : Shad, also called River Herring.
  • Ikan Yu : Shark. Sar Yee [Chinese].

At least I know what "sek pan" is now. I have been enlightened earlier that "mah yau" is Kurau!


simon said...

you forgot another one:

Ikan Air : Water Fish (in Chinese Sui Yee)

Use in sentence like "yesterday i kena catch sui yee..."

Julie said...

I only know how to eat but bad in fish name and never want to recognise it. *Headache* They all look so alike.

andrewjune said...

yeah yeah i agree with julie...i hardly know the names of the fishes, to me they all look the same too hahaha...
of course except for sharks & dolphins LOL

Ponytail said...

Thanks for the list!

Ooh..there is another Deep sea Mah yau that taste much better than the normal Mah Yau...its called Soon Fung Yue in Cantonese

That's the fish I normally cook for Zoe's porridge. It's a big fish and they normally sell by cutting it up into slices.

Another fish safe for baby is Cod fish but its very expensive, about RM75 per Kg normally. Its very fattening too :p

On the more trifty side, we can also cook sang yue (fresh water fish) for baby...I have tried it, its safe and taste good too. Only RM18 per Kg...

Just a little sharing ler...

Ann said...

Simon - trust you to be able to think outside the box!!!

Julie - yalah....I only know the name and then go to the market and say the same thing to my fishmonger...without even knowing that is the fish lying right in front of me!!! hahaha....

June - my babysitter just started a site on recipies (it is in my Favourite Links) and it made me realise that I only know the fish after it has been cooked in a particular style to know that it is tasty. If I had to go to the market and wanted to cook the same dish, I would be cluless as to what fish to get. Thus I feel my need to educate myself to cook great dishes for my family!!!

PN - thanks for sharing!!! I have never given sang yue to Christopher...doesn't it have alot of bones? Hai....the fish slices of sek pan and mah yau from IPOH is as good as he can get! hahaha...

Askay said...

Thanks for the list. This is helpful for a newbie market going person like me to buy fish ;p

Rita said...

Rita asks What is the name of a river fish with lots of tiny bones....I know it is available in China and North India..... it is very tasty. In India it is commonly called Phallo....it is a fish on which the sindhi God, ,Jhulle Lal sat on when saving all Sindhis from torture.

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