Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sleeping arrangements

Went to see the progress of my new house last weekend. It is almost done - 80% complete according to the loan schedule!!!

So, my mind is now filled with little decorative and renovation ideas when it is not filled with Christopher and cooking and ironing and washing and...hubby!

The one things weighing most heavy on my thoughts is the sleeping arrangement.

Option 1 - allow the kids to sleep with us till they are bigger
Option 2 - kick boyboy to his own room and only let #2 (when it happens) sleep with us in the cot until he/she grows too big for the cot!

Now Option 2 might mean that I will have to build an adjoining door in between the master bedroom and the kid's room. This is to avoid them going out to the landing and performing any stunts near the staircase. But then if I kick him/them to their own rooms, I would be able to get a bed!! And also decorate my master bedroom properly!

I know many stick to Option 1 simply becoz the kids still have nightmares/wake up in the middle of the night etc. But I also know that most who start off with Option 1 end up having the kids with them till they are old enough to want to sleep alone or when the moon turns blue! :) And having Option 1 would mean that my master bedroom will be 1 queen mattress and 2 single mattresses on the floor!!!

So, what do you do? What will you do? What do you think I should do?


hissychick said...

I've done both options.

A was in her own room from the minute we got home from the hospital because as a very anxious first time mother I simply couldn't sleep at all! She started sleeping through at a reasonably early age and to this day is a good night sleeper once she goes to sleep, only requiring attention when she is sick or having a nightmare.

The big downside to this arrangement is having to drag yourself out of bed to go to another room, and I found myself listening out a little too much on the monitor at times when she was little.

E is still in with us, which is highly unusual here in Australia. As a second time mother I found it more reassurring to have her in with us this time and it makes night feeds easier. The downside is that E does not sleep through and after nights like last night I am ready to move her into her own room...but terrified that she will still wake and then I will be getting even more tired than I already am trying to resettle her in another room where she will cry the minute i leave.

Long story my view keeping the kids on the main bedroom in the first six months is ideal, because of the risk of SIDS and because they still might require night feeds for nutrition rather than just comfort. After that it's best to move them out before separation anxiety kicks in around 12 months!

Am rambling...

KM said...

if i were you, and have a second chance of re-doing everything again...i would choose Option 2.

time will fly so fast before you can even blink i rather deco my bedroom to prepare for the day when my boy is independent to sleep in his own room...

son had been sleeping with us since day 1, and our deco in the master bedroom is accordingly to my's not child friendly as i never expected son to sleep inbetween us in the first place.

but i know, one day, son will be big enough to ask for his own room, and should that day comes, i only need to do up his room....mine still remains as it is..

andrewjune said...

yeah we decorate our master bedroom to our liking and bb rachael is currently sleeping in her cot next to our will in a matter of time she will be sleeping in her own room...

i did not create a nursery for her...i created an adult room for her (design point of view) means i did not hv those childish designs in her room...cos eventually she will grow up! hahaha

so your dreams is finally getting true!

Daddy Parenting Tips said...

google up attachment parenting and they advocate sleeping in the same room - if not bed as the baby/child to boost them psychologically. I and Tomomi try to be such parents as much as we can. I wrote 3 post on attachment parenting already with the second one lost of links.

Andrea said...

Hmmm...tough one, but I think if I were you I'd go with option #2...especially if you are planning for another baby sometime - it'll be easier to do this now then when you're pregnant or have two kids! :)

HI said...

IMO, I would go with option 2. Baby and parents sleep better in separate rooms. A child will usually wake up in the middle of the night and they should learn how to fall back to sleep on their own.

Olivia sleeps in her own room since she was 3 months old. We have a baby monitor. Even when she cries, I only go in if she gets hysterical. If not, usually she will fall back to sleep. She has been very good sleeping on her own and hardly cries.

Also, if you child goes to bed earlier than you, their sleep won't be interrupted when you come to bed later.

I know the chinese way is different, maybe I'm already americanized. :)

A gift from God said...

Definitely option #2. But I also believe in attachment parenting. hehe

Angeline said...

I guess I'm a weird Mommy! I want my kids to sleep with us for as long as they want!!!! I would hold them close for as long as they didn't find it 'embarassing' in front of their peers...that's me!

especially mine kids are boys, they WILL detached from such affection much earlier than girls so, I'll hang on to them (instead of they hang on to me) till they tell me, "Mommy, I'm all grown up now, you've got to let go of your hold..."

what's the hurry of chasing them out...when that time WILL come eventually...'cos when that time comes, there's no way to turn back the clock...(that's how I am as a Mommy)

mumsgather said...

Angeline, you're not weird.

I'm the same. Haha. I'm one of those who have the kids sleeping with us till they ask for their own room or till the moon turns blue.

I think which option you choose really depends on what you prefer.

For us, we actually enjoy having the kids with us. Bedtimes are the best bonding moments for us.

Moomykin said...

Oh, I'd have my kids in the same room anytime. More convenient, especially for night feeds.

But Gadget-daddy actually wants them all out so he can have the bed back and also to watch movies without waking them up.

Our plan is to actually get them train and race-car beds and put them in the next room soon! Hahaha!