Monday, July 28, 2008

Thought it would be relaxing! Guess again.....

I went back to Ipoh this weekend.
I thought it would be a relaxing break
but it was a far cry from relaxing !
Maybe coz I wanted time on my own so much
that I was out of the house 3 quarts of the time.
So, what did we do out of the house?
We ate and ate and ate.
A trip to Ipoh is never complete without FOOD!
My dad took us to this 'new' place for lunch.
(New in the sense we have never been there!)
The beef (and other cow parts) was REALLY GOOD!
And the soup that it came with was (I really think) real beef stock
with LOADS of parsley! TOTALLY YUMMY!

And of course no meal in Ipoh would be complete
without the classic white coffee!!!
(oh gosh.....and it comes with a head too!)
And not forgetting the chilli sauce.
It is really worth a mention!
Cheah brother's Beef Stall is in Ipoh Garden
where the old Parkson used to be!
Then of course one morning, we had to have TIM SUM!
We wanted to go to our original place Foh San
But mummy insisted we try this new place
The timsum is smaller (one bit size) but MUCH TASTIER.
We went on a Monday morning and SERVICE was great!
No rushing around for tables and all that nonsense!

(Sorry no photos of food coz son was grouchy
and food was comsumed too quickly!)
Ming Court Hong Kong is in Green Town

And of course the customary visits.

Whatever you need.
I mean YOU as in the adults!
A good place to relive your childhood
Cheap enough for you to buy without feeling guilty
And then hoping your kid will love it too!
I am guilty as charged!
I mean look at the toy on the left! The structures you can create!
And then battery in and the wheels will turn and turn...sooo fun!
This famous toy shop is the first toy shop you see
after Nam Heong coffee shop in Old Town Ipoh!
And for me, Ipoh will also not be Ipoh without biscuit buying!
The usual Yee Hup 'heong peang' in Ampang ....and

This wafer covering the wafer covering chocolate
was one biscuit I have been wanting to try for a long time.
I bought a whole large tin of it!
Aahhhh.....chocolate bliss!


Angeline said...

Wafer! Chocolate! Yummy! You made me wanna go Ipoh right now!

Julie said...

Ann, the next time you go back, drag us along, ok? :P Must try the dim sum and beef noodle.

JLow said...

I got stuck at the first lot of photos for a while....


andrewjune said...

ipoh has been my fav food destination all this while cos i love cantonese food and mum always cook cantonese dishes for us when we are small...
i really miss the white coffee, dim sum, the local ipoh's chee cheong fun and the "kai see min"...wah "mor tak teng!"

i have not tried the beef noodles, will try it when i'm in ipoh next time...and i will of course go to the oldtown's toy shop!

p/s: thks for letiing us know the new places in ipoh!

Moomykin said... scrumptious!

...hey and I remember you mentioning some time back (before boyboy came around) that you were not really a foodie person, but of late there's been lots of mouth-watering shots! Great improvement!!

Now I want to go Ipoh for the beef noodle and white coffee!!

Baby Darren said...

ipoh ipoh...u make me want to go back too. Have not been back for quite a while..

I must visit the toy shop when i'm back the next time. I never know got such toy shop in old town...