Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Trying out

I managed to buy a finger toothbrush and The First Teeth toothpaste
for Christopher while I was in NY.
Considering the sticky cheese that he ate last night,
I decided to give his gums and 2 front teeth a little brush
with water only this time.
And the outcome was....
Reckon he wasn't all that pleased!
His reflex action was to suck (Thank God)
and not BITE!!!
When more of his teeth come out, will try with


hissychick said...

Hehehe gorgeous photos.

Here in Australia we're told to just give baby teeth a wipe with a clean soft cloth and let them play with a toothbrush to get used to it until they are around 18 months- two years and have their first molars. No toothpaste until 2 when they can spit it out. Yeah right, tell that to A. Thank goodness for the low fluoride kids stuff!

The New Mom on the Blog said...

I have been using a handkerchief to clean my kids teeth till they are able to 'rinse' their mouth instead of 'drink' from the mug.

The moment they know they had to spit out the water that went into their mouth, I knew they were ready for toothpaste.

to the kids, it's really an abnormal thing to spit out the water...when they are so used to 'drinking', so that took a while to let them get used to the 'unnatural' habit.

JLow said...

Both my kids had thrush almost the month they were born.

Dr Pixie was prescribing Daktarin for them to use after each milk feed.

While it does do its job of ridding thrush, if applied too much it made both kids puke- the gel was choking them.

The complement (we did both) method was then to use a finger brush, to clean their gums and also "scrape" their tongues of milk residue.

Doing this now with 6 month old Caleb. These days he voluntarily opens his mouth at the sight of the finger brush approaching his face! We only use salt water, rinsed in plain warm water before dipping in salt water again to go back into his mouth. Then we just give him some water to drink after that.

This year we started properly brushing Caitlin's teeth with kiddie toothpaste, after she's learnt how to spit- mainly from when I took her swimming and teaching her not to swallow the pool water. This would have been when she was 2+.

Anonymous said...

Haiz...i would fight a battle every time i attempt to brush my son's teeth!

Imagine, i had to hold on tight to his head, pry open his mouth just to brush..

HOW DO I MOTIVATE my son to brush willingly?

Well, not that he would not brush, but he would only brush his teeth when he is the one holding the toothbrush! Then he would just lightly run the toothbrush along his teeth, once twice and DONE!! No matter how much i encourage him to brush more and to show him the correct way of brushing...he just don't get it!!

Haiz, i hope these would improve when he gets older and began to understand that NO brush, TEETH will drop!!

HI said...

It's a nightmare getting Olivia to brush her teeth. I have only used water with a stage 1 baby einstein toothbrush from oral B.

Every night, I have to chase her round and round the living room to brush her teeth. :p

andrewjune said...

i bought a gum brush for rachael too...but only use it with water without toothpaste...

Moomykin said...

Oh, Too bad you could not join your hubby for such a lovely holiday.

Oh do get him to buy you something pretty and personal, i.e. a pendent or a bracelet. They have very nice ones there.

Brushing: It's a tedious task, but must get to it before they have tooth-decay, like my boys. Sigh...

When they refuse because they are teething, use a soft cloth instead of the finger tooth-brush. Give some water to drink before nap time, or bed time. Good habit. Helps wash off milk, etc.

Ann said...

Thanks for all your comments. Christopher is still getting used to the experience of brushing. He thinks it is a game now that I put this blue rubber thing into his mouth!!

The toothpaste that I got for him is safe to swallow - no flouride - so, when more of his teeth come out, reckon it is safe to use even though he hasn't really learnt how to spit yet!

Don't want him spitting him milk or water coz he learnt a new skill!!! :)