Thursday, July 10, 2008

Updates I forgot to mention!

My babysitter sent me these photos quite sometime ago.

My little Christopher now has quite a firm handgrip.
He can now hold his own bottle during the day.
When he is not too lazy or too tired or too blur!!!

His right hand usually will grip better with his thumb being able to go under the bottle
so that it falls into a nice grip.
But he has a tendency of holding out his pinkie after a while!

And his left hand usually does not grip round the bottle.
He will move it away and hold the end of the bottle
and push it down to his mouth instead.
And another few shots of him amusing himself at my babysitter's place.
When I carry him and look into the mirror, he usually gets very excited
and kicks and laughs out loud.
Left alone, he actually explores more than reacts to the image of himself!

Guess he was laughing at mummy and not at his image when I carry him!
I do tend to make funny faces after all!!! hehe...


JLow said...


And I can't wait for my Caleb to hold his own bottle too! So that then he can wrestle with himself! Haha!

Julie said...

Good job, Christopher. Learning to be independent.

Hem...I wonder if Jonathan is holding his own milk bottle when my MIL is taking care of him.

But I know he is still reluctant to hold up his bottle while sitting up. He will only hold the bottle while lying down.

Angeline said...

Mirror play is the most unbeatable self-entertainment for toddlers!

andrewjune said...

ayo so adorable lah...i hv been "training" rachael to hold her bottle so we can do other stuffs when she is having her milk (but with obeservation!)

babies love mirrors! rachael too loves to touch the mirror whenever we bring her to a mirror :-)

Ann said...

Jlow - I can imagine Caleb will take his time learning to hold his bottle if he doesn't like his milk. UNLESS he learns that if I learn to hold my bottle, at least I can chuck it aside and contrinue to ZzzZzz....:)

Julie - Christopher only holds his bottle once in a while and only wheh lying down. When he sits up, reckon he is too busy controlling himself from falling over that his hands never reach up to hold his bottle!

Angeline - he loves it when we peep at him using a mirror!!! He will look at the mirror image more than look at the real person!

June - babies learn early to LOVE themself!! hahaha...