Sunday, July 20, 2008

Updates on Christopher @ 10 months

Several significant incidents signalled my little boy's coming of 10 months!

He can now stand unaided.

He has actually been trying to do this for a week or two now. It is really comical (and scary) to watch coz from a sitting position, he would try to get up without support. But he can't really, so his bum goes 1-2 inches off the floor and then down again in a 5-6 attempt.

Else he will stand up and let go! This which he now has successfully managed to do.
No photos unfortunately coz mummy's hands are still surrounding him in case he decdes to plop down on his bum!

He knows that after the edge of the bed is the floor and 'pain, pain' !

The other day as he was rolling all around and climbing over me and all the pillows, he reached the end of the bed. I am not a cautious mum. I usually let them explore and see what they will do. Of course (to redeeem myself), I either hold on to their clothings/leg/arm in case something does really happen!

But surprisingly. I found that on 2 seperate days, Christopher realised that it was the edge of the bed and tried to get back onto the safe vastness behind him. He would usually kick his legs to stabilise himself into a sitting postition and then turn around back into bed.

Clever boy!!!

On the pediatrician note.....Christopher went for his rountine growth checkup on Saturday. His pead brought out a whole file of games and stuff and papers to record his different milestones.


A little underweight - need to put on another 500 g to be an average weight!
Other developments are on par!


andrewjune said...

wah indeed one clever boy! * clap clap* i hope rachael also learns to know there's danger after the edge of our bed LOL

and congrats to lil chris for standing unaided!

opppsss, you better feed him more hahaha...i thk my rachael is overweight!

JLow said...

6.75 month old Caleb, I suspect, is also underweight. Went home to visit my parents over the weekend and they saw Caleb for the first time in 2 weeks (they were away the weekend before). Their first comment: Hey, like didn't grow at all...?

Caitlin on the other hand, was quite the chubby baby...

Congrats on the standing feat too, by the way! Time to child proof the rest of the house!

Julie said...

He's reaching there soon...I mean the part when he makes everyone chasing after him. :P I can't imagine when that day know lar...BOYS!

Take a pic or two of Christopher's standing. Don't worry about him falling on his bum. I guess the pain is bearable else you sure hear them cry.

He's such a smart boy to be able to sense the edge of the bed. I hope Jonathan boy learns to sense that too so that I don't have to hold on to his clothings/leg.

Oh, you actually brought Christopher for a routine growth check? My pead only see us for routine jab.

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Mummy-yeoh said...

I remembered how I have to catch Sara cause she seems to topple and fall very so often. Its quite a funny sight when she started to take her baby steps.

Each visit to the pead, it will always be the same thing...'Sara is a little small' despite her big appetite. But so long as she is growing, happy and healty, I have no complains.

Ann said...

June - don't think overweight. She doesn't look THAT chubby! I actually feed Christopher quite alot but I think that little boy just is toooo active!

JLow - it is all in the genes then! Cna't be that you are feeing Caleb any less than Caitlin? or does it have anything to do with when they are in mummy's tummy?

Julie - yeah, we were supposed to bring him there when he turned 9 mths actually. We were a whole month late! Guess some pead's dont do this growth check! Our next growth check is at 1 year. Seems my pead says it is a seperate course that she had to take and now have to license to do (this growth thing!).

Mummy-yeoh - yeah, my little boy eats alot actually and still he is underweight! What to do! What to do!

Ponytail said...

Wah...clever boy! can now get ready for those baby
In the beginning, it will be overwhelming to see baby got hurt due to the new found independence. After a while, when they hurt accidentally "kiap" the fingers in between drawers...just blow blow, rub rub and Mommy sayang sayang...automatically everything goes back to normal..hahaha

Andrea said...

Way to go Christopher! The next thing is walking...and running! :) But really, that is a fun stage too!!

1whiteflower said...

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Baby Darren said...

wau..christ can stand already...bravo..bravo....soon he'll be running around...:)

hissychick said...

Clever gorgeous boy. Happy double digits C :)

Moomykin said...

Congrats, Mummy and Christopher!!

Don't worry about the weight bit. As long as he is happy and healthy.

Cuddly Family said...

woohoo christopher :)

Don't worry abt the weight llah. The paed said that about j1, he's tall and lean type but can eat!

they told me k was "overweight" (cos he was heavier than the average Asian kid) but you wouldnt think it to look at him LOL

They get more active now and wah, watch out! LOL