Wednesday, July 16, 2008


There was a road block again this morning, Thursday 17 July 2008 !!! it was done at the same place in front of Eastin.

And this time it was BAD. It was a 4/5 line road limited to just 1!!! And it happened at 6 am when the peak hour traffic was already building up! I was stuck in this idiotic road block for 30 minutes! How long will the next batch of people get stuck in when the traffic gets heavier?

I mean talk about inefficiency! Why can't those PEOPLE create two lines and have men man on both sides?

What was the purpose of the road block when even upon reaching there, they didn't even look at the car! But then again given that we were almost at standstill and that we were busy manoveuring our car around their silly cones, they certainly could take their time to look at the smallest dirt particle on our windscreen!

And don't they think that if they have it in the same place again the 2nd time in a week, whoever it is they want to catch would know to take another route? And that they would most probably have some informants like the petrol station guys beside the roadblock to let them know in advance? I mean these troublemakers (if there are any to begin with) are not AS stupid!

Reckon all that was achieved was to test our driving skill and for us to waste more petrol!
After the road block, so many drivers were driving recklessly and flashing headlights. I would have to if not for the fact that I was close enough to office not to be late!

As you can see, I am still fuming!!!


JLow said...

It is because a certain high profile person was arrested yesterday, and the authorities are trying to prevent certain interest groups from gathering / protesting...

But you are right. How would they know who among the traffic have these same interests?

I am lucky in that my morning trips only involve skirting around routes heading into KL CBD. I was affected by the backlog from Eastin, when I wanted to join LDP towards NKVE.

Yes this whole fiasco is stupid. But I don't wish to get into commenting on the local politics!

andrewjune said...

that's one of the reasons why hubby and i prefer penang...KL's traffic is just that bad (it could be worse sometimes!) having said that, traffic jam at peak hours on the pg bridge and the roads leading there is also very BAD, but i still think the jam in KL is worse-lah...hahaha...
wow, i can't imagine the roads in KL were busy by 630am...

i hope you're not fuming anymore!

HI said...

Calm down, calm down. I know it is frustrating especially having road blocks during rush hour.

I would usually curse when they would do road work during rush hour. Can't they do it during off peak.

A gift from God said...

I got caught in the jam too..even pencala link was jam...can you imagine!!!

Pat said...

You have my sympathies. The roadblocks are just plain idiotic. It seems they have no better things to do.

Angeline said...

Though I don't know how well they manage road block over at your side, but the road blocks in singapore is usually done only during extremely special occasions like National Day!

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, I sure can understand your fuming, can see the smoke coming out of your ears, ha ha. Imagine the gas wasting from all the cars.

One time, I driving back from Penang to KL, and it was about 1am near Bidor....the road was clear of traffic at that time of hour, and I was doing about 90mph in my Alfa Romeo as I know the roads speed limit too...when I took a bend in the road at about 70, and Holy Smoke, just 50 yards away was a police road block...they were just flashing their flashlights, as well had couple of cones, not lighted too.

The road if you can imagine was pitch dark too..
Needless to say I practically stood on my brakes, and spun my steering, the car skidding, slidding towards the four cops who dived into the bushes seeing my car coming at them at a fast pace....sideways.
Then the car spun 180' turn, a few feet from a ravine.

Almost had a serious confrontation with the 4 cops as they scolded me. I in turn told them off...that there was no speed limit, and why they don't put up warning lights before the corner. We sure had a shouting 1am.
My tires were smoking from the 50 yards long sideways slide too.

They wanted to fine me. I asked them why...and told them to go ahead, and took out my camera...that I was going to take their photos for putting a roadblock without warning lights.
They let me go.
But you should have seen my legs trembling from the fright, ha Saturday nite fever disco, ha ha.
Sometimes the things people do amaze me. I may be stupid sometimes, but putting a roadblock at 1am at a corner without lights was just,....well, you know what I mean. Lee.

Ann said...

JLow - yeah, we all know this is due to some silly political fiasco!!

June - if Penang bridge was jam, I think maybe I would jump down into the sea !!!

HI - yeah! I know NY traffic can be very bad too!

Florence - YES, I can imagine!! All roads leading to KL was irritatingly jam packed!

Pat - They should concentrate such power on catching those dangerous snatch thieves instead!!!

Angeline - they had silly political reasons for putting up the roadblock!!! It was silly (fullstop) !

Lee - what an adventure!!! I agree that it was a stupid time to put up a roadblock and without lights at it too!!! Thank God you didn't hit any of them!