Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hubby and me...tagged with memories

Picked up this tag from KM - “YESTERDAY ONCE MORE”!

1. In which month and year did you meet your husband for the first time?
March, 2004. We were working in the same company. He was upstairs, I was downstairs.

2. In which month and year did you two officially starting dating?
August, 2004.

3. Where was the first dating place the two of you went to?
Sunway Piramid

4. What was the most touching thing he did for you when you two were still dating?
He was going for an office retreat for 3 days and I was feeling a bit down. In the later part of the afternoon, I received a call that someone was sending something up to my office. It was my first bouquet of flowers from hubby.

5. How about after your marriage?
When he held my hand and rubbed my back for 5 hours. And insisted that I try to inhale the gas! You can imagine when this was!

6. Share your lowest period of your life with him.
When we first got married. There were some adjustments that I had to come to terms with.
(Not that low actually! :) )

7. Share your happiest moment with him?
When I found out I was pregnant.

8. Share your saddest moment with him.
When I made him so angry that he lost his patience. You see, my husband is the world's most patient man and I felt really sick to my stomach that I was bringing out not the best, but the worse in him. He was very sad too that day.
(Never did it again!)

9. Share your angriest moment with him.
Happened in the first few months of our marriage. Can't remember why I was angry now. But the result was reckless driving that really got me so scared of him (as reported in #8).
(And again I say, it never happened again. I argue with him only at home now! haha....)

10. Share your funniest moment with him.
Whenever Christopher laughs out loud, we laugh too.
(Sorry, most of our time together is also with our son now, no twosome laughs that I can remember!)

11. Share your most frustrated moment with him.
hahaha.....I nag alot so there are lots of little things that frustrate whenever he slouches or when he procrastinates or when he watches too much TV. You know....the usual. No ONE most frustrated moment so far!

12. Lastly, when was the last time you two hold hands and walk under the moonlight, like how you used to do?
hahaha....not moonlight....and we never used to. I am an early sleeper!!! But we did hold hands with that 'passion' the day he left for Copenhagen. Now a days, holding hands in itself is a luxury for us. So, whenever we go out without boyboy we hold hands. In fact sometimes I hug his hand and lean on him when we walk. And I kick up such a fuss whenever he forgets to hold my hand! hahaha....

What about you?
Poh Nee
Hooi Imm
Mum to Darren
Cuddly mummy

Monday, August 25, 2008

Filler #1 till countdown

Watching Korean drama-s lately online at Can't watch my HK movies on my DVD coz dad is using the TV and since Lovers in Paris comes recommended, decided to watch it.

Women, two questions.

Would you go for the man that you love? Or the man that loves you?

Do we always fall for the person that we think we can change more than the person that doesn't need changing?

Men, just one.

Would you marry a woman, knowing she loves someone else more, but cannot get him and so allows you to take care of her?

With the weekday working, the days does pass by faster....196 hours to go as at 2.00 pm Tuesday 26 August 2008. Happy Birthday dearie!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blue, bored and bewildered

Hubby left on Saturday evening.

I am blue....this is the first time I am apart from him (not counting confinement) and I miss his steady presence.

I am bored. There is no one to take me out shopping or take me out to eat. No one at least whom I can count on to push the stroller and carry all the stuff while I just walk and carry boyboy.

I am bewildered. There is so much to do. I have to do up all of hubby' s chores and also mine and also make sure my parents who are staying to help me are comfortable enough.

Losing my appetite and counting the days to 3rd Sept! It is not long actually, but when the weekend comes, it just seems like an eternity. Weekends just aren't the same without my hubby.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lazy organs

Most of the organs inside our body are pretty hardworking. And they all work unconsciously (if I can even put it that way)!

Our heart pumps endlessly,
Our lungs expand the deflate so many times per minute,
Our stomach works in shifts (for some endlessly),
Our liver and kidney and whatever not also constantly works in clockwork!

And then we exercise so our joints also get itself worked at.
We develop muscles and we also work them.
Even our sexual organs work (sometimes consciously, sometimes even when we don't want them to! *wink*!)

But there are organs that we have to consciously work on.
Our brain
Our tongue

Ever get tongue twisted? Sometimes when I am alone too long, I actually find it hard to pronounce simple words properly. And I have even experienced my tongue becoming too tired from talking...literally!! It can become so slugish that I accidently bite on my own tongue!

As for your brain...
Ever experienced yourself thinking of the word and just using it without actually meaning it? Like a comment I made on Mommykin's blog. I meant to say that a fetus is a parasite and the mummy is the host. I thought of the word parasite but ended up saying "Be a good parasite" instead of "Be a good host". I know what I mean!!!
Or when you know something and are having trouble trying to think where/how/what.


Reckon I better get into an exercise regime soon else I may start losing control of my mind and my tongue. Reckon my tongue is the most critical at this stage.

So, anyone wants to talk nonsense with me?

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Going on to 1 Year

So, apart from the manipulative cry, Christopher thinks that a cry will work in all other circumstances too.

When he starts to crawl to the kitchen and I block his way - left (laugh a little), right (still can smile), right a little but more than left, than middle....BAAAWWWWLLLLL !!!!

When he wants to play with his blocks and the lid does not come off...BAAAWWWWLLLL !!!!

And of late he has been sucking on his thumb until he has developed a blister. So, we have to either stop him from habitually putting his thumb in to suck. Or put a mitten on his hand. Or what my babysitter cleverly does is play with him and then drug him with milk to never never land. But whenever we take his hand out from his mouth.....BAAAWWWWLLLLL !!!

The worse BAWL being the 3rd one. Coz you know nothing comforts him like a thumb. And now I am scolding myself for not nipping the bad habit in the bud when it first started!

Sigh...I was a thumb sucker too. Is it genetic?


On another note, it is indeed my greatest joy to see him understanding things better now.

  • He loves to cock his little head to the left/right to see as much of you as possible before you are out of sight.
  • He loves to peep at you behind covers or in between his cot/table legs/sofa.
  • He loves to see photos and videos of himself and actually points and laughs at himself or shows concern when he sees himself crying.
  • He can wave byebye most of the time and lift both his hands at the sound of a "hurray!"
  • He is analysing things now and you can really see that he is thinking about why this thing happens and how that sound is made.
  • He loves making the "ssssss" sound like that of a snake and laughs histerically when you make it back at him. (thanks to Cecilia)
  • He bounces up and down everytime we sing the "Hop Little Bunny song". (thanks to Cecilia)
  • He utterly loves 'noise' and if you don't make any, he will make it for you.
  • Stands by himself very often now and very steadily. Squats down more often. Not much of the weird sit-to-stand-positions now.

I love that his mind is opening up.
That means I need more ways and ideas to fill his mind up with all things good,
and to let him see, feel and listen to things that are all constructive.
Also I reckon time for a little more disciplining.

Monday, August 18, 2008

One moment in time....shall it be two?

So, with hubby going off for a week and a half in less than one weeks time, I am wondering if I should stay in KL or take off and go back to my parents place. If I go back, this would be the 2nd time I would be alone with my son in Ipoh for longer than a weekend....after my confinement.

Thinking about it brought me back to one moment during my confinement.

My parents helped me during the confinement. Mum cooked and dad helped run errands and cleaned the house. And of couse both of them took turns taking care of Christopher from 9-11 pm before they brought him up to my room.

But there was one morning about 2 weeks into my confinement, I was really acting up. I was expressionless and really tired and very listless. Dad decided that maybe tonight they wouldn't bring Christopher to my room but let him sleep in their room instead.

I woke up at about 5 am and looked over expecting to see my kid. And to my shock, he was not there!!! I glanced at the time and saw that it was already morning.

Oh, the emotion!!! I got angry actually. I felt (strange as it is) like my son has been kidnapped!!

Hormonal imbalance + lack of proper sleep!

So anyway, I knocked on their door since I saw a light was on.

My parents literally thrust my son back to me! hahaha....
He was still a little mite then and thus was waking up every 3 hours. And my parents being a bit hurry-flurry got all 'stressed' out preparing his milk!
And the older you get, the harder it is to fall back to sleep!
Poor them!

My parents also have their share of idiosynchrocies. But then again, so do all of us. And some of my idiosynchrocies don't work well with theirs!

But on the other side of the fence, a less stressed out mum makes a better mum, right?

So, maybe it will be back to Ipoh for me!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hannah Montana accepted ? ('?' updated after the comments)

Kids will always have singers/actresses/actors that they admire and look up to in their life.

And the latest craze is Hannah Montana !!!

Watched her on Oprah one day and I find Hannah Montana acceptable as a person to look up to.
(Wondering now after all the comments! I didn't google search her. All I can say is I did like what I saw on Oprah!)

Hope one day when my kids look up to a certain person, she/he would be someone I could 'look up' to too!

What surprised me was that when Oprah asked her her favourite biblical phrase, no hesitance at all - Ephesians 6:10-11! And she could even recite it to the letter.

I mean, talk about grounded in the Word!
(Hope it lasts in her!)

And going to church as a family and being together as a family are values her father instilled well into her. Real family connection!

Reckon spending enough time together, doing things we all enjoy can really help this along!
(Hope it lasts for her!)

And listen to this song - Ready, Set, Don't Go! Goose bumps!!!

It relates well to a parent letting go of their child.....
as I would have to do too one day....

(Updated after comments - maybe we can enjoy the song without the negative publicity about her or her family!)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

House owners...please give me some tips!

Please, look around your house, please let me know what brand of:

1) External water filter (POE) and internal water filter (POU) you have? And why you decided to get that?
I have been looking at some home forums and seems Bacfree is recommeneded since it be set to do auto flush by itself when the water pressure is at is best!

2) Air-con
What with all the key words like ionize, kills germs, cleans the air etc.etc., choosing an efficient (as in saves electricity too) air-con is not that easy anymore. And of course price is a factor. Looking at Hitachi, Mitsubishi and Panasonic.

(And since you are at it, throw in the washing maching, TV and fridge into it as well!!)

3) Also anyone using invisible grilles in their house?

4) Also which colour scheme do you think looks nice for my dry kitchen? White top or brown top?
White bottom or brown bottom?

Too many choices,
Too many ideas,
Too much,
Too much!!!

(but still enjoying it!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

11 month old madness

My 11 month son:

1) is manipulative to the CORE!!!
He has learnt to pretend to cry so that mummy will come rushing to his side to see what is wrong.

It happened at 2 am last night when all of a sudden he decided that this was a good time to play! So he pretended to cry to be taken out of his cot, while I tried to pretend to sleep.
Who won the battle? With that whinning and (pretend) cough during his pretend crying, who do you think?

And last weekend when I came back from servicing my car (which was a good few hours), as soon as he saw me, he stopped playing with his grandma and started to pretend cry. YOu bet my reaction was to attend to him since I reckon my mum was tired. But as soon as I went over, he stopped and his eyes were not one bit shiny and he didn't look one bit sad.

2) has 4 teeth with one more along the way
Time for mummy to discipline herself and start getting him used to the fnger toothbrush more.

3) has outgrown majority of his PJs
Most of them have too short a top and the bottom only reaches up to his mid calf! Poor kid!

4) loves to empty things
I mean he can take a whole box of toys and tip it over so that everything comes spilling out. Then he will 'play mahjong' with the scatter so that everything goes under the sofa or at least 2 metres away from him. He must think mummy needs the exercise!

5) can stand quite steadily by himself
He is more confident standing by himself now and does it quite often. Whenever he does so, I cheer for him but he seems to look at me and say "No biggie, mummy!!! No need to cheer all the time!" But he stands only after he has used something to support himself getting up. He cannot get up from sitting position by himself yet.

6) has a weird way of getting up
From a sitting position of having both legs (knee to toe) on the floor, his right leg will come up to a squatting position but his left leg will still remain in the sitting position. Thus he is unable to stand up by himself without support. But when he gets down from a standing position, he knows how to squat first then sit! Hai, this boy!

7) is still a thumb sucker
No words required. Still trying to wean him off it. Reckon it has become a habit now more than a necessity before sleeping.

8) still loves to eat
At Tony Romas, I ordered a baked potato and gave ALL of the inside of the potato (that had no contact with the butter and cream) to him. And before that, he had a few biscuits already. And after that, he still wanted his milk.

Ceteris paribus...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are you in the rut of things?

When your anniversary comes? What do you do?
What about during her/his birthdays? Do you make it a point to get something special?

I never thought I would be this kind of wife.
What I mean is...too practical a wife.
I blame in on the fact that I don't like to spend my free time browsing shops alone.
So, there really is no surprise when it comes to gift buying.

So, I had a talk with hubby last night.
I asked him if we were going to celebrate my birthday next year in a hotel as well?
Since marriage, I have been blessed to celebrate my birthdays with a one night stay in a hotel. not really by arrangement, more due to chance.

So, of course hubby being hubby, he said "Sure!" as enthusiastically as possible.
I later learned it is highly unlikely there will be any chance hotel night stays anymore.

So, I decided the arrangement doesn't seem very fair.
We should be celebrating our anniversary instead in a hotel.
And just basic gifts on birthdays!

So, then I asked him if he remembered what he got me for my birthday this year?
Coz for the life of me (not that I am asking) I didn't remember getting any gift (or hotel stay).
He couldn't remember, neither could I.

He asked me the same question back.
And I told him...
Year 1 - handphone
Year 2 - helicopter
Year 3 - sunglasses

Call me detailed...I keep good track of my purchases. At least those paid by credit cards!

So, you leh?

Monday, August 11, 2008

Farewells and celebrations and gifts

Farewell to my 'Kau Fu' (mother's side younger brother) who left for Mount Krisco, New York last night. There were 6 of them going off, my uncle, his wife, 3 kids and his wife's brother. And between all of them, there were 13 luggagges!

It was one more luggage allowed to be checked in. So, poor uncle of mine had to pay for the last luggagae load (even though the weights in total was alright!). Sigh....

It was a rather sad goodbye....not so much coz the people were sad. More coz the last minute words and emotions were too raw. Maybe out of fatigue, maybe out of words and feelings unspoken. I should say no more.

In all things, praise God!

On the lighter note, my parents celebrated hubby's birthday early with him. The next time they see him would be on the day he departs for Copenhagen.

We decided to go to Tony Romas to eat.

I shall not post up what we ate. Reckon my foodies shots are not good for some readers! :) All I can say is, when in Tony Romas, try the lamb!

I know the beef is suppopsedly the best, and it is good as well. But seldom a place you can get good lamb shanks!!! And the mint jelly that came with it was superb!

We also ordered both the beef dishes on the menu - the boneless one and the ribs. Reckon if you can, go for the ribs. The boneless one was mine considering I wanted a pick and eat meal and not a handfed one! The ribs were JuIciEr. With the boneless, I was dipping it into the 4 sauces they had provided!

But this was the best!!!
It came complimentary for the birthday boy!!!

And of course, my parents could not miss out in buying
Christopher's birthday present early as well!!!

And, of course Christopher LOVED his gifts!!!

Look at him in 'action'!

Reckon his socks could be used for kung fu fighting?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Weekend bz-ness but not.

Weekend was tough. I was so much more tired during this weekend then all the weekdays put together!

Reason being hubby's illness took a turn for the worse. So, it was left to me to do all the errands and all the other misc stuff as well!

Uncle of mine also leaving for NY today. So the weekend was a little bit about him as well. Had to plan around his time and also plan for his meals.

Wanted to have durian...but it never happened.
Wanted to have a nice pre-birthday dinner with hubby on Sunday....but it never happened.
Wanted to go out shopping with hubby alone and get his present...but it never happened.

Wanted to take things easy...but that will never happene ever again for as long as I am a mother! was yours?

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fact or fiction...totally random

Actually I reckon I reveal alot about myself on my blog. I have written about 6 (non)sensical stuff about myself before!!!

Now would something totally random be about the same as (non)sensical?? Hmmm....anyway, given that there are too many quirks about me...

Here are the rules …
1. Link to the person who “tagged” you.....person being YOU!
2. Post the rules on your blog.
3. Write six random things about yourself.
4. Tag six people at the end of your post.
5. Let each person know that they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
6. Let the tagger know your entry is up.

Now, let's think random i.e. having no specific purpose, pattern or objective!

Random Fact 1 - I have a darling little boy and am praying HARD for #2 to be a girl.

Random Fact 2 - I only want to have 2 kids (God willing I can have 2!).

Random Fact 3 - I occasionally find myself trying to think why my son acts the way he does and how in the world I can discipline him effectively (as in make it work and yet not cause psychological damage!)

Random Fact 4 - I love to bake more than cook. So I reckon I will need to get a good oven in my new place.

Random Fact 5 - If I could, I would buy all the books in the world for Christopher and my little girl to read. And then display them in nice white bookshelfs in their room!

Random Fact 6 - I love to day dream.

Fact or fiction? hahaha....but very random.

Reckon the crazy weekend bug has bit me! Have a good one you all!

1) PN
2) Wai Yin
3) June
4) Reese's mummy
5) BabyDarren
6) Julie

Some "sigh-s" and "can't wait-s"

Sigh....another 2 more weekends and hubby will be going away for 1 and a half weeks. to spend one long weekend (Merdeka weekend) by myself alone at home.
Sigh....will not be celebrating hubby's birthday on the actual day itself.

Can't wait....for my trip to Malacca and my cousin's wedding!
Can't celebrate Christopher's one year old birthday - 3 times*!!! Not by choice really!
Can't upcoming trip to Macau!
Can't plan something for Deepavali weekend!
Can't wait....for my possible Singapore trip during Christmas**!
Can't wait....New Year's Eve maybe this year can spend the night out late***!

* 1st one will be with my parents early Sept when they come down to KL, 2nd one will be on the real day itself at the babysitter's place and the 3rd (and grandest one) will be a party at my inlaws place.
** This is due to the fact that my babysitter will be off for 2 weeks at the end of the year. So, Christopher will be carted off to Ipoh after Christmas until the first weekend of 2009! So, time alone for hubby and me and a possible weekend escapade! Sigh....wrong timing though for any accidents to happen! *wink!*
*** I have never actually stayed out late before on New Year's Eve since I got married. So, before #2 comes along, and with boyboy not around, what better chance!!!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Truth or Dare?

Have you ever played the game Truth or Dare?

It is a game whereby one player asks another player, "Truth or dare?" If the queried player answers, "truth," then the questioning player asks a question, usually embarrassing, of the queried player; otherwise, if the queried player answers, "dare," then the questioning player asks the queried to do something, also usually embarrassing. After answering the question or doing the dare, the queried player asks "truth or dare?" of another player and the game proceeds as before.

And trust FOX/US to make money with just about anything.

As it is, I found the game sickening. And when the idiot box was left on and this new show "The Moment of Truth" was left playing, I was close to falling ill!

Did anyone see it?

For the wife of the participant (I only saw the first half hour), I think after question number 5, it was a matter of wanting to know, who cares too hoots about the money!

After the program, they would maybe need to spend the cash on a vacation to redeem their marriage and have a kid, or spend it on counselling or divide it in their divource settlement.

Sigh....truth be told, I don't think it was about the cash in the end.
Honest communication is excellent between husband and wife.....but not at that price!Truthfully!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Banana cheese (cake)

Banana cheese cake sounds good right?
The sweetness of banana and the slight saltiness of cheese!
But what about oven baked Pisang Emas (Golden Banana)
and mixed with slightly melted President Cheese?
It actually sounds and tastes very good
Much better than it looks!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend in KL...literally!

Too lazy to go downtown was a sure sign of getting old
(so my colleagues teased on Friday)
And I just didn't want to consider myself old just yet
So, we ventured to KL this weekend.
And when in KL, do what KL-ites do!

I was quite taken by the Centre Court
Mainly coz you can see most of the shops from anywhere you stand
I love the colourful displays of the shop windows
And the 'expensive' bright lights of each shop
And of course we had to have lunch
Tried the food court
Found it to be a non baby friendly eatery
There was no high chair for Christopher!
But anyway....
Didn't stop us from pigging out!

And for the love of grocery shopping
(Thank God for both hubby and myself)
We had to get some mochi which was on offer
And a tin of imported biscuits
(no pic coz I got it as a present for my mum
and therefore put it aside before I was tempted to open it)
I am not sure why my love for mochi all of a sudden
I had just got this green tea mochi from Ipoh last weekend
But it was good!!!

And of course not forgetting Christopher
He enjoyed KL Pavillion too
And his new found freedom of walking around chairs
and banging chairs!