Wednesday, August 13, 2008

11 month old madness

My 11 month son:

1) is manipulative to the CORE!!!
He has learnt to pretend to cry so that mummy will come rushing to his side to see what is wrong.

It happened at 2 am last night when all of a sudden he decided that this was a good time to play! So he pretended to cry to be taken out of his cot, while I tried to pretend to sleep.
Who won the battle? With that whinning and (pretend) cough during his pretend crying, who do you think?

And last weekend when I came back from servicing my car (which was a good few hours), as soon as he saw me, he stopped playing with his grandma and started to pretend cry. YOu bet my reaction was to attend to him since I reckon my mum was tired. But as soon as I went over, he stopped and his eyes were not one bit shiny and he didn't look one bit sad.

2) has 4 teeth with one more along the way
Time for mummy to discipline herself and start getting him used to the fnger toothbrush more.

3) has outgrown majority of his PJs
Most of them have too short a top and the bottom only reaches up to his mid calf! Poor kid!

4) loves to empty things
I mean he can take a whole box of toys and tip it over so that everything comes spilling out. Then he will 'play mahjong' with the scatter so that everything goes under the sofa or at least 2 metres away from him. He must think mummy needs the exercise!

5) can stand quite steadily by himself
He is more confident standing by himself now and does it quite often. Whenever he does so, I cheer for him but he seems to look at me and say "No biggie, mummy!!! No need to cheer all the time!" But he stands only after he has used something to support himself getting up. He cannot get up from sitting position by himself yet.

6) has a weird way of getting up
From a sitting position of having both legs (knee to toe) on the floor, his right leg will come up to a squatting position but his left leg will still remain in the sitting position. Thus he is unable to stand up by himself without support. But when he gets down from a standing position, he knows how to squat first then sit! Hai, this boy!

7) is still a thumb sucker
No words required. Still trying to wean him off it. Reckon it has become a habit now more than a necessity before sleeping.

8) still loves to eat
At Tony Romas, I ordered a baked potato and gave ALL of the inside of the potato (that had no contact with the butter and cream) to him. And before that, he had a few biscuits already. And after that, he still wanted his milk.

Ceteris paribus...


Julie said...

So Christopher is a big eater like Jonathan! They can eat and eat and eat, non-stop....*salute* "rubbish bin".

Both of them can be a team...pretend crying and coughing. Mommy won't give in, only grandma will give in. :P

Cuddly Family said...

they all go thru a phase of melodrama wan..

the best way to deal with it is not to rush to him straight away. Just talk to him calmly.

Now is a good time to start teaching him to pick up toys, instead of you :) you work together, and teach him to tidy toys, easier for you also hehehee

Ahh he eats like k. K eat macam champion, scary! Am imagining what it would be like when they are teens, eek! But if they are active etc, ok lah :)

Baby Darren said...

happy 11 mths old, boyboy!!

Wah..soon u are going to be 1 year old soon..big celebration coming.

u've known so much compared to last time and soon u'll get mommy to chase you around.

andrewjune said...

happy 11 months old to chris boy!
rachael is also loving her thumb and also cries everytime we walk away...
she also has this habit of throwing whatever we gv her to the floor...*headache*
you hv 1 mth to go for his 1st bday...ive 2 more mths to go!

Ann said...

Julie - hahaha...true, only grandma will give in!!!

Cuddlyfamily - yeah, just starting to teach him how to put things back!

babydarren - tell me aboutit!! Though I can't wait, yet tell myself to wait, for the day he can walk!

June - yeah, you planning a great bday bash? Fun for mummy and hopefully fun for our little ones too!

Moomykin said...

Wow! He is doing really well, Mommy.

Aiyo, the manipulative bit is innate to all babies, ok. They are so smart the know "who" they can get "what" from. Make no mistake.

The usual things with my boys is when I am not around grandma says they behave better, less whining and crying.

When I attend to them I find they are better in terms of negotiating and diplomacy. When they cry and whine I just let them do it and still talk to their senses. Grandma's style is to give when stops the bawling.