Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Are you in the rut of things?

When your anniversary comes? What do you do?
What about during her/his birthdays? Do you make it a point to get something special?

I never thought I would be this kind of wife.
What I mean is...too practical a wife.
I blame in on the fact that I don't like to spend my free time browsing shops alone.
So, there really is no surprise when it comes to gift buying.

So, I had a talk with hubby last night.
I asked him if we were going to celebrate my birthday next year in a hotel as well?
Since marriage, I have been blessed to celebrate my birthdays with a one night stay in a hotel. not really by arrangement, more due to chance.

So, of course hubby being hubby, he said "Sure!" as enthusiastically as possible.
I later learned it is highly unlikely there will be any chance hotel night stays anymore.

So, I decided the arrangement doesn't seem very fair.
We should be celebrating our anniversary instead in a hotel.
And just basic gifts on birthdays!

So, then I asked him if he remembered what he got me for my birthday this year?
Coz for the life of me (not that I am asking) I didn't remember getting any gift (or hotel stay).
He couldn't remember, neither could I.

He asked me the same question back.
And I told him...
Year 1 - handphone
Year 2 - helicopter
Year 3 - sunglasses

Call me detailed...I keep good track of my purchases. At least those paid by credit cards!

So, you leh?


Julie said...

Call all (or most) women detailed.

I commented the same to my hubby as well. He used to send me e-cards and wrote poems for me before marriage. But after marriage, he gave me an empty card on one of the Valentine!

mumsgather said...

We hardly celebrate our birthday's and anniversaries. If I wish to celebrate our anniversary than I have to plan something or else.... Hahaha. As for birthdays, we have the usual cake cutting ceremony on our birthdays mainly for the kids sakes. However, my most memorable birthday gift was when he bought me a piano which he said will last a lifetime so no more gifts after that. hahaha.

Ponytail said...

I am hopelessly romantic type and I love surprises thou I already had in mind what I wanted. If I leave it all at "surprises!"...then Hubby always ended up getting things or doing something opposite of what I wanted. So, nowadays we resolve to asking each other what we wanted - directly. It is the least romantic things to do, but for now it works lah!
That doesn't mean we have never had those moments, which I can definitely treasure forever:

The day he sent me a bouquet of fresh roses to let me know of his feelings towards me surprises me to the max. I knew at that day that God truly answers prayer and hubby is the one meant to be.

The day he proposes to me publicly almost sent me running ...hahaha! I will definitely never forget that!

Anywa, coming back to the present...I am still wondering whether I will get that half or a carat diamond ring for anniversary, which anniversary?....geeeez...lol!

Moomykin said...

Gadget-daddy has always been very practical. Usually get me gifts that are useful and also appreciate such gifts. This year for his birthday, I got him a shoehorn and he was very pleased with it. He got me... ermm... dinner and cake. Those count too. :) Can't remember if there was anything else. :P

JLow said...

For our anniversary this year, we both actually agreed not just to "settle" for dinner, but also where to dine. A colleague called us cheapskates, cos all we went was Shogun, the mid-class buffet restaurant in 1Utama!

For these and birthdays we've mainly only settled for meals. There were occassions with friends and a cake, and the odd karaoke (yes we both sing!)

Hot Mummee's the practical one, between us. She is not the material type; which works very well for me! (whereas I am more the gadget person, which she cannot understand!)

cc said...

Surprisingly, I'm not one of the detailed wife. Hubby is the one that's painstakingly detailed and particular about things. LOL

Hello, first time visiting here. :)

Angeline said...

Being detailed or picky (2 sides to a coin) is one of my strength and weakness....but as for presents, it was easy for me, cos my hubby NEVER buys presents for me, not for any occassion...so lucky me (in a way) I don't need to remember or compare which year was a better gift.

he loves to buy things for me, but never on occasions, call him weird please *laugh*, then he would say things like, "ok, so this is for last year's birthday or it's for previous valentines...blah blah blah"

Jaanvi said...

Well my hubby likes to keep it simple.. He asks me what I want for birthday... advantage that i get what I want but the hindsight is if I say i dont' want anything,he won't get anything.. :)
And once before marriage,he took me along to buy a b'day card for me,i laughed so much but I still remember that day and its special.. :)

simon said...


HI said...

I think we are the worst. We never gave each other any gifts on bdays or anniversary. We only get each other cards.

I told hubby that I want to start the tradition of giving gifts on bdays and he agreed. Well...we got each other something for Valentine's Day and I got him something for our anniversary but he didn't get me anything for the anniversary.

Yeah...that went well....

andrewjune said...

we never celebrate our anniversaries leh...
only this yr my hubby got me something VERY SPECIAL (must be because he knows how much i sacrifice and the pain of delivering my daughter!)
usually i will get him a t-shirt (very common!)
but anniversaries...we NEVER celebrate them!

Ann said...

Hey all, thanks for sharing! Looking at your comments, reckon I forgot about V-day! But to me and hubby that is all hype and commercial!

I see some new commentators! GOod topic to start a comment ya! Welcome.

I reason that as we have kids, gifts to kids bring us more joy than gifts to each other.

But reckon a tradition of celebrating your marriage and love to each other once a year is good to start. At least no chance for each other to take the other for granted!

Baby Darren said...

oh..i make a point to celebrate any special occasions we have...a reason to buy/receive gifts and eat out.

So, even myself cannot remember what i've given or received..hahaha...but I am lucky enough that hubby did buy me MORE expensive gifts that I did.