Sunday, August 24, 2008

Blue, bored and bewildered

Hubby left on Saturday evening.

I am blue....this is the first time I am apart from him (not counting confinement) and I miss his steady presence.

I am bored. There is no one to take me out shopping or take me out to eat. No one at least whom I can count on to push the stroller and carry all the stuff while I just walk and carry boyboy.

I am bewildered. There is so much to do. I have to do up all of hubby' s chores and also mine and also make sure my parents who are staying to help me are comfortable enough.

Losing my appetite and counting the days to 3rd Sept! It is not long actually, but when the weekend comes, it just seems like an eternity. Weekends just aren't the same without my hubby.


andrewjune said...

well, perhaps time to catch up with some old friends over coffee or spend more time with your parents while your hubby is away? i know we can get lonely but hey, you've got lil hunky chris to cheer you up...
3rd sept is very fast...soon he will be back home...

Cuddly Family said...

It is tiring hun and if you are used to hubby being around etc, it gets even harder.

It is harder when it's the first time also..

Put chris in the stroller, save your back hunny.. :) then you have more independence of movement.

go and meet friends. boyboy will prob enjoy meetin gnew people to terrorise heehhehee (that was my excuse)..

I joke with hubby now, I kinda enjoy him going away cos no snoring next to me.. :)

HI said...

I'm sorry you're feeling blue...Sept 3 will come soon. Are you off or working? Working makes time go faster.

I guess you're 'spoilt' eh...hehe....when hubby goes away on business, I have no one to count on except myself. :)

Go shopping, push boyboy in the stroller. That's what we do all the time. Boyboy will enjoy the view.

mumsgather said...

3rd sept will come very soon. Hang on there. :)

Baby Darren said...

i can understand how you feel..the first few days are especially harder but as days passed by, it'll get easier. And before u realised, 3rd Sept is here...

Your parents will be here also right? You won't be so bored by then.

Moomykin said...

Aww... I know so how you feel.

Even though I am able to manage without Gadget-daddy, it's nothing like having the man around, especially for the boys to have their daddy around.

Hang on, he'll be back soon!