Monday, August 11, 2008

Farewells and celebrations and gifts

Farewell to my 'Kau Fu' (mother's side younger brother) who left for Mount Krisco, New York last night. There were 6 of them going off, my uncle, his wife, 3 kids and his wife's brother. And between all of them, there were 13 luggagges!

It was one more luggage allowed to be checked in. So, poor uncle of mine had to pay for the last luggagae load (even though the weights in total was alright!). Sigh....

It was a rather sad goodbye....not so much coz the people were sad. More coz the last minute words and emotions were too raw. Maybe out of fatigue, maybe out of words and feelings unspoken. I should say no more.

In all things, praise God!

On the lighter note, my parents celebrated hubby's birthday early with him. The next time they see him would be on the day he departs for Copenhagen.

We decided to go to Tony Romas to eat.

I shall not post up what we ate. Reckon my foodies shots are not good for some readers! :) All I can say is, when in Tony Romas, try the lamb!

I know the beef is suppopsedly the best, and it is good as well. But seldom a place you can get good lamb shanks!!! And the mint jelly that came with it was superb!

We also ordered both the beef dishes on the menu - the boneless one and the ribs. Reckon if you can, go for the ribs. The boneless one was mine considering I wanted a pick and eat meal and not a handfed one! The ribs were JuIciEr. With the boneless, I was dipping it into the 4 sauces they had provided!

But this was the best!!!
It came complimentary for the birthday boy!!!

And of course, my parents could not miss out in buying
Christopher's birthday present early as well!!!

And, of course Christopher LOVED his gifts!!!

Look at him in 'action'!

Reckon his socks could be used for kung fu fighting?


Oli - Stilling Your Moments - said...

Hey, where to buy the fit-in-the-toes-animal thingys? Want to buy =)

karenyiau said...

So cute the fingers puppets, haha Christopher is one handsome kung fu kid... :)

andrewjune said...

why you do not want to post what you ate? hehehe...
i thk i saw the fingers puppets at IKEA before...were they from IKEA? must get them too when i go to IKEA! they are too cute!

ayo, lil chris is "imitating" kungfu panda?

Ann said...

karen - ya...he just loves to KICK!

June - you are right. They are from Ikea. My dad wants to tell him stories with animals. Thus the purchase.

Moomykin said...

Wow, The gifts for C are so wonderful!! Yes, yes, very good for telling animal stories!

Sorry to hear of your uncle moving away, and that you'll be missing hubby soon... I know how that feels. Still feel free to call me for a chat if you're feeling a little lonesome. :)