Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hannah Montana accepted ? ('?' updated after the comments)

Kids will always have singers/actresses/actors that they admire and look up to in their life.

And the latest craze is Hannah Montana !!!

Watched her on Oprah one day and I find Hannah Montana acceptable as a person to look up to.
(Wondering now after all the comments! I didn't google search her. All I can say is I did like what I saw on Oprah!)

Hope one day when my kids look up to a certain person, she/he would be someone I could 'look up' to too!

What surprised me was that when Oprah asked her her favourite biblical phrase, no hesitance at all - Ephesians 6:10-11! And she could even recite it to the letter.

I mean, talk about grounded in the Word!
(Hope it lasts in her!)

And going to church as a family and being together as a family are values her father instilled well into her. Real family connection!

Reckon spending enough time together, doing things we all enjoy can really help this along!
(Hope it lasts for her!)

And listen to this song - Ready, Set, Don't Go! Goose bumps!!!

It relates well to a parent letting go of their child.....
as I would have to do too one day....

(Updated after comments - maybe we can enjoy the song without the negative publicity about her or her family!)


andrewjune said...

opps sorry to say this, but i didnt know who is hannah montana, and i hv to look out for her from the search engine hehehe...
hope to watch her on the TV live one day...

cc said...

I only got to know about her from the fuss about her posting half nude on some magazine. I reckon she's quite a good role model on the surface, but if I have a child one day, I'd prefer her to look up to some real life people, not a celebrity. I'm quite cynical when comes to celebrities. Can't be sure whether the image is just good work from their pr.

A gift from God said...

Ah Ann,

Miley Cyrus is not that a good role model. She has created alot of news...not good thou.. better choose a real role model... :)

Ann said...

hahaha...guess I dont really know about Miley Cyrus after all.

I stand corrected.

Ann said...

June - actually I only know about her after watching Oprah today!!!

cc - I know what you mean. But sometimes very hard to stop them when they are at that age. So, if it happens, when it happens, hope it is a good person at least what we see from the outside.

Moomykin said...

My consolation of having boys so far is that they have no interest in such dramas on TV.

Micah only wants Playhouse Disney and both boys will usually agree when I switch to Animal Planet.

I usually don't fuss over celebs either. Gone are those days for me. At most, Gadget-daddy and I will just talk about their acting/singing styles or which show/ moment were they best in.