Thursday, August 14, 2008

House owners...please give me some tips!

Please, look around your house, please let me know what brand of:

1) External water filter (POE) and internal water filter (POU) you have? And why you decided to get that?
I have been looking at some home forums and seems Bacfree is recommeneded since it be set to do auto flush by itself when the water pressure is at is best!

2) Air-con
What with all the key words like ionize, kills germs, cleans the air etc.etc., choosing an efficient (as in saves electricity too) air-con is not that easy anymore. And of course price is a factor. Looking at Hitachi, Mitsubishi and Panasonic.

(And since you are at it, throw in the washing maching, TV and fridge into it as well!!)

3) Also anyone using invisible grilles in their house?

4) Also which colour scheme do you think looks nice for my dry kitchen? White top or brown top?
White bottom or brown bottom?

Too many choices,
Too many ideas,
Too much,
Too much!!!

(but still enjoying it!)


JLow said...

We dwell in a condo, so a lot of things we have no control over.

Reckon you can check out The Star's Home section, not sure what day of the week they do this; if you don't already do so. They have lots of tips on things about the home.

Invisible grilles?? What are those?

simon said...

1. we've been wanting to get and external filter for many years, but decided to do so after renovation, now that we've done it, it think its time to go looking for one. we also use the national internal filter, not very effective.

2. seriously i think most ppl will opt for the cheapest decent brand (which mean no sankyu or pinsonic) whichever is on sale. washing machine pay for steel drum, min 6 liter. worth the money. If can afford, front loading.

4. I'd go for white top brown bottom. less likely to get scruffed.

Cecilia said...

Front loading washing machine is better than top loading which often tears your laundry. If you plan to wash your comforter and curtains in the machine opt for 7 litres. Use Maybank credit card which has interest free ezy payment over 6 - 12 months so you do not have to pay all at once esp if you have a lot of things to buy.

Ponytail said...

For kitchen, I like the 2 right most design, dark bottom with light top. Wun go out of style so fast and wun get dirty so fast. Light top also has the spacious and neat look.

I am using Diamond water filter for internal. For bath water, I also uses the Diamond spa. I find diamond water tastier and it is good to be used to soak veges - even not fresh veges will look freasher after soaking for 1/2 hour. Diamond spa is good also cause I got it half price...hahaha. Bacfree is also a trusted old brand...I think I have seen it since I am a

For washing machine, I still go for Electrolux, thou I am not using one now. I am thinking to get 1 next year :P

Kitchen hood and hob also I prefer Electrolux, they have these series which is good for Chinese cooking lah (big fire and hood can absorb oil very well). I am currently using Rinnai (Jap brand), comes with the house - not bad either. I have not surveyed brands like Teka, Fargo and others thou. I think those are more pricey...

TV ar...go for LCT TV or plasma now, its not that pricey anymore. Prefer quality from Sony :P I think John is getting one and he got the 42' Sony LCD TV for 2.9k...try to ask him whether he can get a unit for u. Its real cheap!

For fridge, I prefer Sharp. They are known to be lasting and nowadays comes with some technology to prevent odour and save energy. Keep stuffs fresh longer. Get a 420-450 liter one if the space can fit - the price is not much difference. A fridge can never be too big once u hv 1-2 kids..hahaha

Invisible grille, we got those at the gym in our condo. Definitely looks good but security wise, still rather doubtful. My contractor also demo it for us but it is much more expensive...

Happy shopping yea!

Gua jealous :P

Julie said...

Too much choices yeah, until cannot think anymore and don't know which one to choose. Afraid that you buy the wrong thing and regret isn't? Here's my opinion.

1) I've tested Diamond external filter and I like it. If the water from your main pipe is quite clear, you don't need the external filter. If you can afford, go for both external and internal. Diamond is still having the buy 1 free 1 promo.

2) Fridge - must be big. I got the biggest at the point of purchase...710 litre. No regret. Go for those with the Plasma Deo features that can keep your fruits/vege fresh all time.

TV - My hubby like LCD tv but I don't cause I think it stretches the display especially on Astro channels. Ever think of projector? Big on your wall. Looks so real. :)

3) Kitchen - The top two color scheme looks nice. I always like bright colours for kitchen cause it looks more spacious. But more cleaning to do since dirt can easily be seen on white surface...that's why my new kitchen table top is black.

Angeline said...

sorry the 1st question is unknown, cos the HDB does it, I don't get to choose,

I don't have an air-con,

no invisible grilles,

I like white tops and white bottom and I love the last photo! cos it looks bright!

HI said...

Anyone but the top left color scheme. Too much white. The best color for a kitchen is the orangy family. The color promotes appetite.

I prefer brown cabinets to white cabinets. Color spice up your life.

Moomykin said...

Water filter, So far we find the Diamond one pretty good, for internal and external. External important, especially if you don't want your whites in the machine to come out brown.

Others,... well , we took a long time to put all the comforts-of-a-home together because we spend a load on some structural renovations... So choose wisely and be happy with what you can have for now. After all, I'm sure things don't last a life time, but what works for now counts.

cc said...

No water filter, air-con or grilles so can't help there!

I think the white ones has more of a simplicity look white the brown ones look more elegant. :) Happy renovating! It's such a headache yet fun time!

andrewjune said...

1. we dont hv external water filter...but diamond should be good or that's what i heard...

2. we hv mixed combination of hitachi & panasonic air-cons in our place. i thk panasonic is better. front loading washing machine is better in case if you need a cryer next time, you can always stack it on top!

3. haven't heard of invisible grilles leh... kitchen is a combination of white top with dark brown cabinet...i thk it looks great :-)

hope you and hubby are having a great time renovating and choosing the themes/colors you both like!


U.Lee said...

Hi suggestion is go walkabouts to those stores selling home stuffs....and get those that suit your lifestyle, personality.

A home reflects on who and what you are...colors, name brands, decor, placement of furniture....wood or steel, antique or modern....
We love old style furniture and wood.
You have fun deciding, best regards, Lee.

Ann said...

Thanks for all your feedback and suggestions. Definitely useful in helping us make up our mind.

Dini said...

Hi Ann,

Water Filter -Did a lot of research on the net and found this coy. Memfil that uses the Nesh system for only RM1,800. You can do a search on google, find their website and read more abt it. On top of that we have an internal Diamond Filter which is pretty good I guess.

Air Con - the last one we bought was National Panasonic with the ioniser but that was left at our old place. Now non of our air cons has that feature as they are all old models.

Grills - I wouldn't recommend invisible grills as I agree with is questionable

Kitchen - dark botton and light top. shouldn't be totally white as will get dirty easily.

Refrigerator - We bought the Hitatchi..i thk the latest model with energy saving feature..its spacious and price reasonable. We bought for bro-in laws hse and the other for our house.

Washing machine - we bot the top load one as the front load ones take ages to wash..but its true the upoad machines are more rough and may tear yr clothes so make sure the machine can wash deliates if you intend to buy one.

Anonymous said...

For filter, I suggest you visit my friend's M's blog, he has done extensive research on water filters in Malaysia

For our part in saving energy and the environment, we have a couple of Panasonic inverter aircons installed, however, it is quite a headache to get someone reliable to service it, coz most of the service/repairmen are not familiar with the new inverter technology.

Happy renovating..