Thursday, August 21, 2008

Lazy organs

Most of the organs inside our body are pretty hardworking. And they all work unconsciously (if I can even put it that way)!

Our heart pumps endlessly,
Our lungs expand the deflate so many times per minute,
Our stomach works in shifts (for some endlessly),
Our liver and kidney and whatever not also constantly works in clockwork!

And then we exercise so our joints also get itself worked at.
We develop muscles and we also work them.
Even our sexual organs work (sometimes consciously, sometimes even when we don't want them to! *wink*!)

But there are organs that we have to consciously work on.
Our brain
Our tongue

Ever get tongue twisted? Sometimes when I am alone too long, I actually find it hard to pronounce simple words properly. And I have even experienced my tongue becoming too tired from talking...literally!! It can become so slugish that I accidently bite on my own tongue!

As for your brain...
Ever experienced yourself thinking of the word and just using it without actually meaning it? Like a comment I made on Mommykin's blog. I meant to say that a fetus is a parasite and the mummy is the host. I thought of the word parasite but ended up saying "Be a good parasite" instead of "Be a good host". I know what I mean!!!
Or when you know something and are having trouble trying to think where/how/what.


Reckon I better get into an exercise regime soon else I may start losing control of my mind and my tongue. Reckon my tongue is the most critical at this stage.

So, anyone wants to talk nonsense with me?


Julie said...

You really are overworked! :P

A good post. Never realised I have those "hardworking" organs in me. Is there any lazy organs?

Moomykin said...

Oh, I have bitten my own tongue many times. Usually while eating and trying to hold a conversation, or for a split second I get distracted and was not conscious of the activity going on in my mouth.

Anonymous said...

LOL! I talk nonsense all the time, most times, i don't mean it...but my mind just wouldn't co-operate with my tongue!

I blame it on my poor command of poor pronunciation often send the wrong message to my audience.

Take care Ann, and have a great Sunday with your love ones.

andrewjune said...

yeah maybe we can talk nonsence one day hahaha...
yeah i wanna know like julie there any lazy organs???

Mummy-yeoh said...

Interesting post. Come to think of it, sometimes I mispronounced certain words and meant to sya something but said something else...oh it so happened to me :)

Ann said...

hahaha....thanks for all your comments and reassurances that I am not the only one!!! hahaha...

Julie and June - I presume your tongue is working hard for you too then! Mine isn't considering the introvert that I am!