Thursday, August 7, 2008

Some "sigh-s" and "can't wait-s"

Sigh....another 2 more weekends and hubby will be going away for 1 and a half weeks. to spend one long weekend (Merdeka weekend) by myself alone at home.
Sigh....will not be celebrating hubby's birthday on the actual day itself.

Can't wait....for my trip to Malacca and my cousin's wedding!
Can't celebrate Christopher's one year old birthday - 3 times*!!! Not by choice really!
Can't upcoming trip to Macau!
Can't plan something for Deepavali weekend!
Can't wait....for my possible Singapore trip during Christmas**!
Can't wait....New Year's Eve maybe this year can spend the night out late***!

* 1st one will be with my parents early Sept when they come down to KL, 2nd one will be on the real day itself at the babysitter's place and the 3rd (and grandest one) will be a party at my inlaws place.
** This is due to the fact that my babysitter will be off for 2 weeks at the end of the year. So, Christopher will be carted off to Ipoh after Christmas until the first weekend of 2009! So, time alone for hubby and me and a possible weekend escapade! Sigh....wrong timing though for any accidents to happen! *wink!*
*** I have never actually stayed out late before on New Year's Eve since I got married. So, before #2 comes along, and with boyboy not around, what better chance!!!


Ponytail said...

You all going Macau!!! When!?

Sigh...I also want a 2nd honeymoon laa, but not the accident part ha!

hissyhcick said...

So many places to go and celebrations to be had!

Julie said...

I'm feeling excited of your "can't wait" happenings. Christmas in Singapore, shoppings and food in Macau, Christopher's 1st birthday...they are all so great!

andrewjune said...

wah looks like baby #2 is coming soon....

yeah pls do enjoy urself on new yr till morning!

Ann said...

PN - yeah, 2nd honeymoon...and for me no 'accidents' seem to happen on honeymoons, so best to call Macau my 2nd and my Spore one the 3rd! :)

Hissychick - many places to go! After all that was the 'objective' of my being married! :)

Julie - writing them all down makes me excited to. But got to go through the Sighs first!

June - IF all of them were 'crucial' times, I would say it could be sooner then expected! but at this rate, don't think so!