Sunday, August 3, 2008

Weekend in KL...literally!

Too lazy to go downtown was a sure sign of getting old
(so my colleagues teased on Friday)
And I just didn't want to consider myself old just yet
So, we ventured to KL this weekend.
And when in KL, do what KL-ites do!

I was quite taken by the Centre Court
Mainly coz you can see most of the shops from anywhere you stand
I love the colourful displays of the shop windows
And the 'expensive' bright lights of each shop
And of course we had to have lunch
Tried the food court
Found it to be a non baby friendly eatery
There was no high chair for Christopher!
But anyway....
Didn't stop us from pigging out!

And for the love of grocery shopping
(Thank God for both hubby and myself)
We had to get some mochi which was on offer
And a tin of imported biscuits
(no pic coz I got it as a present for my mum
and therefore put it aside before I was tempted to open it)
I am not sure why my love for mochi all of a sudden
I had just got this green tea mochi from Ipoh last weekend
But it was good!!!

And of course not forgetting Christopher
He enjoyed KL Pavillion too
And his new found freedom of walking around chairs
and banging chairs!


andrewjune said...

wah lil chris can walk unaided's easier to be with them when they can walk ehhh...

ummm, nowadays you tend to hv a lot of "food exploring" you can stay so slim after all those yummi-licious food?

i for sure will go KL to shop before the sales is over! we are shopping maniacs! hehehe...

JLow said...

Hmm, lately your posts have been featuring lots of food....

Trying to say something? Lil' Chris going to have a lil' brother or sister??

HI said...

Wah...boyboy is getting very good at walking. Isn't it amazing they are turning into a little person with likes, dislikes and opinions?

Ann said...

June - Christopher cannot walk unaided just yet. He still goes from one support to another. And on occassion releases his hand to stand still!

JLow - hahaha....not yet! Just that no more dieting for me since boyboy. I eat whatever I want so that I will always be cheerful and happy mummy! :)

HI - yes, indeed it is amazing they are little individulas now with tempers and tantrums and nightmares! LOL !

mumsgather said...

Ooh. Enjoy those toddler moments. They don't call them toddler for nothing. I just love to see the new walkers toddling all over the place like little drunkards. Pardon my description. Hehe.

Baby Darren said...

wow...boyboy looked so big boy already...can even bang chair...

Moomykin said...

oh, Boyboy is so cute!!

... and yummy looking food.

And I still have not been to the Pavilion. Hahaha... So much for a KL-ite.

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, wow, thats a beautiful place for lunch.
Love the delicious in your pics.
But will take a pass on banana cheese cake, ha ha as I don't go overboard for cheese.
Bet your kid had real fun too.
Have a great week, Lee.

Ann said...

Mumsgather - good description! One toddler I know walks with his hands in the air like as if surrendering!!!

Baby Darren - ya...big boy already! Can't wait for him to walk!

Kin - nothing to shout about really and the parking is far too expensive!

Lee - yes, my son had a great time seeing things, trying new food and sleeping while mummy had to carry him!