Thursday, September 18, 2008

2 out of 3 has passed

2 out of the 3 birthday celebrations have passed.
First one was with his kung kung and popo (my parents) on his chinese birthdate. It so happened to fall on the Sunday of 7th September when my parents were still around.

So, he has his first birthday cake - Black Forest 500 gm!

The 2nd birthday celebration was on the actual day itself at the babysitters place and after that a day out with mummy and daddy.

Fruit Flan cake from Thyme Bakery - 1 kg. Angku and red eggs are customary!

Took him for the "rides" for the first time and he enjoyed them when they were NOT moving!

And he also loved looking at the dogs and birds.
He went "Waaahhhh" when the dog started moving around and looked around earnestly when the dogs started barking.
He also laughed and pointed at the birds that were flying around and chirping!
Rabbits and hamsters are not interesting to him - all these furry noughts!
And aquariums are only good for the lights!

He also walked around in Cold Storage and around Ikano.

Big boy already. Now don't want to hold mummy's hand anymore!

Next blog entry will most probably be about his 3rd birthday celebration - the biggest one - and all the gifts he received. So far, he has got 2 books, 1 angpau, 1 set of clothing, 1 tumbler+Gap jumper.

And what will mummy and daddy get him?
The greatest gift of all - our time and love.


cc said...

Time and love, that's certainly the greatest gift of all!!

Happy Birthday to your little man, may he grow up happy and strong! :D

andrewjune said...

oohhh i love his greatest gift of all...awwww...

wah 3 bday celebrations huh...lucky him! i thk we will celebrate only one for rachael...oppps, i still have not finished planning for her bday yet *headache* been busy with work and there's visitors coming today *sigh*

can't wait to see his 3rd bday celebration ehhh...wah, he got 2 cakes liao...another 1 coming?

ann, hv a great a weekend with lil chris yeah :-)

JLow said...

Kids love birthday parties, even if it isn't their own!

Happy birthday to Lil Chris! Hope he'll have a blast, which I am sure he will!

Andrea said...

Happy birthday!! And yes, you are right that time and love is definitely one of the best gifts ever!!!

Angeline said...

Happy Birthday x2!

Wow! it seems that Sept is truly a happening month! My side have 3 people celebrating their birthday and one of them is ME! *laugh*

Jaanvi said...

really an exclusive birthday gift... :) very sweet....

Moomykin said...

I thought I left a comment the last time, but it must have not gone thru...


Happy Birthday Christopher!!

Oh, the red eggs and ang-kus reminds me of a photo of a birthday celebration I had as a kid (2 or 3 years old)!!

Time with grandparents is always precious. And the pet store is always a thrill!
Oh, Lovely cakes too!

Such a happy boy!