Sunday, September 21, 2008

3rd celebration and more

So, we celebrated his 3rd and final birthday party this weekend.
It was held at his Ah Ma and Ah Kung's house.

We had to pick up the cake at 5 pm from Thyme at Aman Suria.
So, we dressed him up at home and decided to take some pre-birthday bash shots first
- while he was still in a cheerie/just woke up mood!
Friends started trickling in early. Just a few minutes after everything was setup.
And around 8.45, we decided to cut the cake.
Most had already finished eating by then.
And most importantly Christopher was getting grouchy.
We ordered him a Honey Cake - 2 kg
(the decoration didn't really come out the way I 'ordered' it
but well, it was too late to do anything anyway!)

And of course, a pic with his friends is a must
(thanks to WY for reminding me!)

And then a photo of all his presents.
Thanks to everyone for all the gifts!
He went "Waaahhhh..." while we opened then one by one.
And most of them are out of their packaging already.

Thanks also for all the angpau-s.
Have to put them in his saving account to earn enough interest for his education!
Though daddy is eyeing them (I think) to reimburse himself for the
THREE CELEBRATIONS he had to pay for!
( dearie, you still want #2 ??!!)


andrewjune said...

wahhhhh so many bday gifts!!!!!!
and chris already has so many friends!!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY christopher!!! may all your dremas and wishes come true and be always a good dearie boy to mummy & daddy ok!

and just for a note, i thk you & your mum look so much alike, and now lil chris takes after you too as well :-)

hissychick said...


I'm glad you all had such a wonderful time celebrating this wonderful milestone. Well done young man, and well done Mummy and Daddy too :)

Pat said...

Birthday wishes to little Christopher! Sorry we couldn't make it. But we got him a little present, will pass to you one of these days.

Andrea said...

How fun!! And three birthday celebrations!! Wow! We only get one here...oh well. ;)

Ponytail said...

Haha...the car that Zoe and Isaac was fighting over for is his Birthday gift too!

I love the cake, its really yummy and very very soft lah...mmm..mmm...

Everyone is so grown up now...

Ann said...

June - thanks! When I was young, people used to say I looked like my dad. Now as a mum, they say I look more like my mum! Strange huh!

Hissychick - thanks for the well wishes.

Pat - no worries...but thanks for the gift anyways.

Andrea - yeah...coz his grandparents are in different states!!!

PN - the cake was supposed to be honey cake. Did you taste the honey?

Julie said...

Another Happy Birthday, Christopher!

So many pressies and little friends to share his big day.

Moomykin said...

Happy Birthday Christopher!!
First Birthdays are always special.

We did 2 celebrations for Micah on his 1st too, but for Max we did only one as it was also a Christmas kinda dinner to family and neighbours.

Good that you have all these in records for him. :)

Ann said...

Julie - yeah, the final one was with a diff group of friends!

Kin - glad to know Christopher wasn't the only one having multiple celebrations!

Baby Darren said...

A very Happy Belated 1 year old, Christ!!!

You are already so big boy compared to like 6 mths ago when I first visited your blog, you were just a tiny baby.

You are such a lucky baby that have so many birthday celebrations and so much love showered on you....