Sunday, September 21, 2008

Changes since motion

Since Christopher has been walking, increasing in steadiness since 11 months old, there have been a few changes.

  • When he poops, he no longer lies down to be wiped. he stands up holding on to a pail of water while mummy takes out his diaper and wipes him with toilet paper. After which a short walk to the shower to have his bum-bum cleaned (with mummy's hands).

Thank God for aromatic soap!

  • When he bathes, he no longer uses his bath-tub. Partly becuase his bathtub is now filled with water. So, he hugs my legs, head inbetween my legs while I wash his back and front. Lifts his head when I wash his hair and neck. But after that mummy has to squat down with a hanky to wipe his face.

It will be splat splat struggle if any of that shower water touches anywhere near his nose!

  • I am rewarded more and more. My reward comes in big grins and stubby legs almost wanting to run towards my open arms.
  • He wanders around alot now on his own. He doesn't like me holding his hands when he wants to explore. But whenever he is unsure about anything or wants to check with me if it is ok, he will turn towards me and look at me questioningly.
  • I cannot leave him alone. Since he can walk, we have been putting him down more and more at home. Then we walk away too fast for him to catch up. So, the minute we put him down, he gives a little cry first which makes us stop in our tracks. THis gives him just enough time to turn around and catch up with us. Or at least turn around to see where we are going.
  • Since he can walk, many things have been put at a higher level. And things on the table are pushed further in. Else he will tiptoe and try to grasp whatever his little fingers can feel just the slightest of.
  • He is climbing around more and more. In fact he thinks he can climb on to anything - the table, the cupboard and everything else.
  • Also, he now wants to go on the next level of mobility. Walking in itself is boring already. He wants to climb every step he can find up and down and up and down and up and down...the same step if there are no other steps around!
  • He can now open drawers and cupboards and find amazing things hidden inside.
  • He can now play with his ball better, throwing it around and fetching it (thankfully) too.
  • The "No" word is yelled at him more often. And also "Come here". He understands both and listens to the first more than the second. It all depends on what it is that has attracted him.
  • He now knows that kai kai means going out and that kai kai means wearing shoes - this one requires more effort on mummy's side to reinforce since sometimes I leave his shoes in the car!
  • He doens't like to be carried sometimes and struggles to be let down, hands off!
  • I know when he is tired. When he walks around and falls ever so often!
  • His legs are getting very strong. And now when I am carrying him and he is slipping , he uses his legs to hook on to my waist and lift himself up higher. I still laugh when he does this. It's a warm feeling feeling your kid hook on to you and choke you to secure himself better onto you!

I reckon given all the changes, the best one is when he runs back to me and give me a great big hug. Like there is no place he would rather be than in mummy's arms. And when it happens in a crowd, I feel like the happiest mother in the whole world. Sigh.....(teary).....


Andrea said...

I know!! I is just SO precious when they come running and give you the biggest hug definitely makes me feel VERY loved...and I love that. :)

JLow said...

Or when you are sitting on the floor, they walk towards you, step over your thighs, and sit on them like a stool, and then hugs you!

I think one of the first things I taught Caitlin soon after she started walking, was to watch her toes when opening doors. If memory serves me right, the times when she got her toes caught under (opening) doors were no fault of hers! (In fact I just did it to her last night opening a door too quickly!)

Oli - Stilling Your Moments - said...

heartwarming =)

Ann said...

Andrea - yeah....totally satisfying!

Jlow - oh...he hasn't got to opening doors yet. But will certainly keep that in mind.

Oli - :)

Julie said...

Ann, you are making me jealous. :P

Oh, I can't wait for the moment Jonathan is walking. Can imagine how he will run to me and hug my legs begging for "bao bao".

Jaanvi said...

These are really precious moments Ann.. that is so sweet...

4MalMal said...

hi I am first time here and I enjoy reading your post. I can feel your joy as I read this entry. Happy belated birthday to your little one :)

Moomykin said...

Wonderful milestones!
I remember these with both my boys too.

Oh, there'll be more milestones and less space to "keep off" from him.

Soon you'll find there's no hiding stuff from him and will have to resort to secret hiding places (which will be discovered sooner or later) or you'll have to keep some doors locked.


Anonymous said...

So sweet...

One day, BB Chris would gives you a NO to almost every request you had for him....yet still manage to draw smile to your face when you are faced with a thousand NO a day from him.

Ann said...

Julie - your time will come. And the anticipation of it makes the day all the more sweet.

Jaanvi - precious glad there will be more to come!

4malmal - WELCOME !!! Always nice to make a new friend. And thanks for the greeting.

Kin - ya, he is ransacking ALL my stuff including the clothes in my closet!

KN - hahaha...he is starting to act up sometimes now. But even watching him when he is asleep makes it al worth while.

Valtay said...

Yr boy is fast, can walk at 11mths! Only 1 out of my 4 babys cud walk at 11 mths. The other 3 only walked when they turned 1. And yr child is SO lucky to have 3 parties! All my kids had only 1, never more. : )

andrewjune said...

awww... so sweet ehhh, well like julie, i also can't wait for rachael to walk unsupported as well...

yeah it definetly makes bathing easier...

good work there, chris! your mummy is proud of you...

Ann said...

Valtay - actually it was because diff groups of family see him at diff times and all want to celebrate his 1st BDAY!

June - good that you are still patiently waiting...there are so many milestones in their lives, each to be savoured in time.