Sunday, September 7, 2008

Dreams of building

I read a comment from Uncle Lee (I am sure some of you know him) in someone's blog once and it has stuck in my mind since.

He mentioned something about him realising that his 2 sons loved different things - one loved tools, the other cars - when they were 6/7 years of age and because of parental encouragement, both of them are now living out their 'inborn' passion.

I live with one 'regret'. I never had to guts to go for my dream to be an architect.

I hold no one accountable for the decisions I make in life.
But this is one dream I wish to fulfill.

I reckon I do not have the time or the money to be an architect now.
But I think there should be softwars out there that will allow me to build structures and add landscape and design and colour.

I don't know any architects.
Do you know any?
And do you know any software that is easy to use yet gives me the flexibility to create?

I google searched it and saw
The video introduction looked good.

Any recommendations?
Can you help me fulfill the longing in my heart?


JLow said...

There's of course the industry standard AutoCAD. But because this is industry standard, you'd have to be serious enough to pay for the software....

Then there's Google's Sketchup

I haven't played with it, but it certainly does look promising.

William said...

AutoCAD is good but it cost a fortune and not that user friendly unless you use it to make a living.

Microsoft Visio have some templates that can create simple two dimensional architectural layout.

I once played with ArchiCAD in the office some years ago as the building that we construct is designed with ArchiCAD. It is good fun as both strcutural and architectural detailed can be added to create 3D model.

I am neither a Architect but I do use my imagination to create building layout by using different computer software.

If you are looking to create 2D layout, MicroSoft Visio is sufficient.

Daddy Parenting Tips said...

Get mentored by a teacher and if you understand his/her architecture lingo then you have a future to join the likes of him/her.

I coined up a success formula


Research, Intercede (and receive intercesions from others), Consult, Honestly.

In your case, find your house architect, check his drawings, scrutinise it, research and read up on it, pray you will learn as God sharpens your senses, consult other architect friends and learn and deal with others honestly....

You will then be on your way to fulfiling your dreams with the above RICH. more in my blog.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, i know Uncle Lee too...
Me, i have dreams i have yet to fulfil too, and they still got to wait till i have the time and money to pursue and complete!

Good luck on your search on the software, and hopefully one day, we can see your masterpiece here...

Take care and have a great working week ahead.

Ann said...

Jlow - Thanks for your suggestion. Will definitely have a look at it.

William - thanks for dropping! I love 3D more. My imagination an get very vivid and very precise. Will try and find the ArchiCad software to see if it is not too expensive and user friendly.

Daddyparentingtips - hahaha....good formula. will check it out in your blog.

KM - ya, when you have the time and some extra resources, can give your dreams a go...maybe just at a smaller scale! Take care.

Moomykin said...

Wow! If you could and have the determination, go for it, girl!!

Me not so ambitious. If I have the money, I really would like to run a cafe that gives free soup. :)

andrewjune said...

that pretty much explains the header of your blog...i always wonder why the image of a steel structure as your i finally understood!

i was studying architecture but now i'm more into ID...needless to say, AutoCAD is one of my tools to cari makan...hehehe...i was not good at it during studies time, but once i started working, i've mastered it well...but still, there's a lot of new features that i am not familiar with softwares are always upgraded...

autoCAD is great for 2D layouts!

if i were you, i will spend that extra money travelling to europe and appreciate the architecture of the amazing buildings there...architecture lovers must go to europe! you will fall in love with it :-)

it's great to fulfil your dreams...i hope you still have the "fire" to do it!