Monday, September 29, 2008

Macau - Eating (Costs)

Meal time was erratic.
We ate whenever we saw something interesting that we wanted to try.
I think I ate some 4-5 meals per day.
Food in Macau is not cheap.
Only perhaps slightly cheaper than HongKong.
A bowl of noodles in a simple coffee shop could take you back $14-20.
And a drink costs around $5-10.

But then there are places you have to try.
Coz you did read it on the net!

***DAY 1***

Our first meal and the most expensive one!African Chicken tasted like sweet satay sauce chicken.
It was unusual, worth trying only coz it is one of Macau's specialty dish!
The Portugese fried rice was surprisingly good.
Tomato based with minced beef and loads of prawns .

Dinner was a cheaper affair.
Beef noodles and Pork spare-parts noodles
1 iced water with lemon
($14 per bowl of noodle + $5 for the drink)

After dinner we walked around a bit and found this old bakery.
Bought 3 types for breakfast. Total Cost : $9.50

Also bought a honey milk tea drink ($10) on the walk back to the hotel from the many drink shoplets along the street. And at a 7-eleven near the hotel, we got a Slurpy ($6.50), water ($4) and a cold beer ($5).

***DAY 2***

After our simple bread + hotel coffee breakfast, we headed over to Taipa.
I was on a quest to look for the famous Tai Lei Kok Kei coffee shop. They are reputated for their pork chop bun.

It was purely by chance that we found it. We just walked and walked and suddenly saw a shop in a distance that had a good many people. We were getting tired, so we decided to take a drink. Lo and behold...

So, we had their pork chop bun ($12) and a beef brisket noodle ($18). Ordered 1 coke($8) and 1 milk tea (lai cha - $12).

(As you can see I made the wrong choice of bread!)

They don't really know who ordered what. So, what they would do would be to bring each plate out of the kitchen and scream at the top of their voice. You will have to call for them to come to you if you hear/see your order!

(Don't wonder about the system. Wonder how come they have been no fights to date!!)

And since we were already in Taipa, we had to try the reputated Serrdura as well. It is basically a biscuit crumb base topped with cream and eaten cold!

And where there are pastries, of course you see the Portugese Egg Tart.
Tea time @ St. Paul's area.
It was really warm.
So, in between sips of warm bottled water, we treated ourselves to pure orange juice ($12) and another Slurpy.

Tried another pork bun from a street vendor ($25 in a set with the bubble milk tea) and the curry fishball noodle ($12) and the Portugese Egg Tart ($5).


For dinner, hubby "declared" that he wanted to try their Roast Pigeon/Pork/Chicken with rice. So, we headed back to 3 Lamps District to try the store we saw last night that managed to draw a queue.

One packet of BBQ pork + roasted pork ($25)
One packet of Chicken Rice ($11)

The roasted pork tasted OUT OF THIS WORLD!! Salty enough with sufficient fat, crispy skin and succulent meat!
And my sweet tooth declared it wanted some desert too. So, settled it with a beancurd desert ($6) from a"7-eleven-like" deli. And hubby bought a Coke and a large cool beer ($11).
***DAY 3***

With the roasted pork still vivid in memory, we couldn't resist some more.
Bought $20 worth of roasted pork from a 'market-like' shop.

Walked opposite to an old and small coffee shop.
Ordered 2 egg tarts ($4 each) and 2 drinks ($10/cup)

Our final proper meal was at the famous Venetian food court.
(The Venetian is famous, not the food court!)

Set meal of Wantan noodle + coke = $33
Hubby's plate of roasted goose rice = $45

So, food for 3D2N cost us approx. $610
And if you ever run out of ideas for food, look see what's Macau's McD!!

(Hubby utterly refused to eat at McD !!!)


Ponytail said...

hahaha...McRib, how come we did not see that in McD's HK...haiii...
We ate twice at McD in HK...
Looks like food is not cheap in Macau either...
Feels its still slightly better back at home hor!?...

andrewjune said...

wow wow wow, the food looks good as well...

Moomykin said...

Clever to always head to a place that draws a crowd. Only problem would be waiting for a table and your food.