Monday, September 15, 2008

First late night out

So, despite the nagging illnesses, we still managed to have some fun this weekend.

We had to attend a wedding dinner at The Palace of the Golden Horses on Saturday night. And it was the first time we decided to bring Christopher along.

The theme of the wedding was white and blue - so I settled on my white dress. Couldn't wear a shawl this time considering I had to carry Christopher and bend over often.

He looked quite bewildred as we were leaving. You see, we seldom bring him out after the sun has set! It's usually that he is already out and on the way home. But his bewildredness (and therefore quietness) lasted only about 10 minutes. After that it was scampering all over mummy!

Many people couldn't recognise me that day. Maybe becuase I cut my hair, wore contacts or maybe it was just coz I was holding Christopher. He was my spokesperson for the night!

He enjoyed bring the centre of attention. He loved the lights surrounding him and all the movement. He was ever so busy looking around forgetting to open his mouth to eat even! I had to remind him so often to look at me and eat his porridge.

And of course when everyone has more or less settled down (in between the dishes), he wanted to walk around to admire the decor at the other table. It didn't help that we knew some people there as well and was frequently turning around to talk to them!

The hallmark of events was during the "yam seng". He was totally caught off guard during the first yam seng. And by the second decided that he had enough of this loud noise. It was rather 'funny' becuase adults can only hold a yam seng for "this" long. And when the cheer does down, the BAWL of Christopher could still be heard! Hahaha....oppsss....

So, outside I went with him clinging on to me for dear life. He was scared off a second time when the couple arrived at our table to take the photos. For the life of me, they decided to do another yam seng at the table itself, impromptu. I closed his eears but ahhh.....that was not sufficient at all!

And as always with kids, we had to make an early exit. We left just before desert was being served (although the desert has always been my favourite part). Christopher was feeling tired and a wee bit grumpy. he slept as soon as he entered into the car, his head on my lap filled with dreams of lights and action. Good thing he didn't have any nightmares that night.

It was a good night - for him and for us, as you can see!


Andrea said...

That's a cute picture of you three!! I'm glad he made it through the wedding without TOO many grumpy/scared moments! :)

JLow said...

I remember the first wedding dinner we brought Caitlin. At the "yum seng" she too was super-bewildered!

But unlike Christopher, the background noise (or remaining noise after the "seng" ended) was Caitlin laughing her head off, as loud as she could!

I think she was nearly 2 yrs old to the month then.

HI said...

Clap clap for a great night out! We seldom take Olivia out at night as her bedtime is between 8-8.30pm...hehe.

Great photo of the family. You do look different than the previous photo you posted, most likely because of the shorter hair and no glasses. :-)

Moomykin said...

Oh, what a lovely family pix!
Yes, you look very good in this pix. :)

I can't remember Micah's first wedding dinner, but we had taken him out from quite young, and I had to excuse myself a few times to nurse him until he fell asleep. But as with all with young kids, we usually leave early too.

andrewjune said...

ehh, i can't barely recognise this lady leh...who is she?! hehehe...
wow, what a makeover! you really look different lah! GREAT makeover! i love it! i thk one day i will post a photo of myself with glasses pulak...dont know you guys can recognise me or not hahaha....

i thk this is the first time seeing your hubby too in a photo :-) 3 of u make a good family!

nice family photo!

Ann said...

Yes, I love this family photo too! Not very often we dress up and dress boyboy up as took the opp to take a nice family photo.

And yup, the short hair and contacts really make a whole load of diff. No need makeup for me to create a transformation!

Julie said...

You don't look the same in this pic...prettier I would say. Time to go permanent on contact lense?

Whenever it's coming to the yam seng part, I always pre-warned Jonathan or close his ears. We are having boys and yet our boys BAWL on loud noises??