Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Life excerpts at 13

Mine was a country-side life.

I consider it country-side although from all the books I read, the town I lived in seems a far cry from being country-side.

I loved Saturday mornings best. Mummy would be already up and about. Mostly likely in the kitchen finishing the washing. Daddy’s coffee cup would still be in the kitchen sink. Still slightly warm from the hot coffee he gulped down. In fact if I hurried just a little bit in getting out of bed, I might be able to just see dad’s car drive out of the porch.

My sister's existence was of no effect to me on Saturday mornings. Her presence would only become of importance in the afternoons when we had to go for our piano lessons. I would then require her bigger frame to hide me as best so that I would not be called to ‘perform’ my latest piece first.

I ran down the stairs and made my way straight to the kitchen. Mummy wasn’t in the living hall so that would be the next best place to find her. What was for breakfast I wondered!

I caught the sight of my dog Max at the kitchen door. He didn’t see me for something else in the backyard was holding his attention. Must be mummy for sure hanging up some colourful clothing. Naughty little dog of mine would be waiting to see if mummy accidentally dropped any piece of clothing, no matter how small. And off with it he would go with mummy screaming for him to “Drop it!”

Oppsss, he has seen me now.

I love it when Max sees me and looks totally overjoyed to see me. His tail wags from left to right almost hitting his side with every wag. His ears soften downwards and his eyes seem to call out to me “Where have you been? Where have you been?”

Mummy knows I am here now. Max sure is a tell-tale!

I watch mummy hang the rest of the clothing while asking and asking what our plans will be for today. And what is for breakfast?

Max bangs himself on to my legs in a never ending circular motion hoping that I would bend down to ruffle his fur! He sure loves a ruffle and a tumble in the mornings! What a greeting for a dog!

Good news! Mummy has allowed me to take my bicycle out to the nearby coffee shop to buy some nasi lemak. I love taking my bicycle out for a ride alone. The sea is just to the left of the road I would cycle down and trees line the other side. Cars are a plenty since it is the main road. But I am always careful.

The nasi lemak stall under the tree sure attracts a lot of people. The line is really long but the chilli paste sure makes it all worthwhile. And I know mummy will sit with me and share this packet of nasi lemak with me. I will take one bite, then mummy will take one bite. And in between sis would steal a bit or two. She doesn’t eat much.

I don’t really like what happens after breakfast. If I don’t get my way, mummy will make me practise my piano for an hour. And after that I have to get homework out of the way. I need to study hard. The last time I came back with a red mark, I asked mummy what she would do if I didn’t do well in school. She was so quiet. But later I heard mummy and daddy talking very urgently in their room. And I was given a lecture by daddy after that about how I should be taking care of my own schoolwork. It was scary. I wish sis didn’t have to study so hard and get good grades all the time.
She does everything so well.

I hope we get to go to the beach in the evenings. I hope we get to bring Max as well. He loves the beach. There aren’t many people there so he is free to run around. He is a good dog. He will come back to us after he gets his fill of running. And I love to chase him around as well. He plays catch very well. And he always manages to catch me!

The sea can get really rough at the end of the year. All these time I only know in my head about floods and rough seas through my nature books. But it is very scary to see such a big wave form and then come crashing on the shore. And it seems to come closer and closer each time. I get very scared when Max goes to close to the sea edge. I do not wish for the big wave to eat him up. I heard an aunty once tell another child not to go too near the edge because of this reason. The wave must have big teeth to eat children up in one gobble. I hope Mr. Wave doesn’t like dogs!

The other place daddy might bring us would be up the hill. I don’t really like going up the hill coz it makes my feet hurt after that. But when I am at the top, it feels so cool and calm. The trees give me a very peaceful feeling. It is a strange feeling to be enveloped by trees on all sides. I should be scared but I am not. Maybe because daddy is there with me. But I feel so tired usually after coming down from the hill. I think I like the beach more.

I hope daddy chooses the beach instead of the hill today.

* Country-side being Kuantan!


Julie said...

A lovely memory...

You are such a good writer. It's like reading a story book.

Is Max still around?

hissychick said...

Ditto what julie said: you are a great writer. I was totally there with you.

Thanks for sharing.

Daddy Parenting Tips said...

Maybe its hard to do these cycling trips nowadays in Malaysia. Malaysia is such a beautiful country yet we need good leaders to run it well. It can be safe, clean and beautiful always. Its not really that difficult. All we need is to cherish such memories and insist them on our leaders.

Angeline said...

these are simple thoughts yet they are so important, especially the part about studies...kids nowadays faces so much more pressure in school as compared to my time!

Ann said...

Julie - no. Max died. He got knocked down by a car.

Hissychick - sometimes good to think back of when we were kids!

Daddy - ya. It isn't that difficult if only they stop thinking of their own agenda!

Angeline - oh....that I totally agree. Even at my time I was thinking this is so hard! hahaha...

Moomykin said...

Oh, to just echo the rest:
This is really lovely.

Thanks for sharing. I have always loved the sea too, but I also can't imagine huge waves like the tsunami... An unimaginable kind of nature fury.