Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Long weekend survivor

So, this was my first long weekend without hubby.
Thank God I had my parents around with me.

What did I do?
  • I went to the MPH Warehouse Sale. Got books for Christopher and myself amounting to close to RM100. Will tell you more about the book I bought for myself soon!
  • I met an old friend for dinner and chatted for 6 hours.
  • I went to see this same old friend's new condo*!
  • I fell ill on Saturday, so rested a bit more on Sunday.
  • Went grocery shopping on Monday and walked around a bit in the shopping mall.
  • Wanted to do something to my hair but walked out after 30 minutes. I am just not ready to give up my long hair yet!
So, the weekend was alright actually. But this time round I wasn't dragging my feet when I had to get back to work on Tuesday.

* The new condo is USK Avenue 1. I was very impressed. The developer used the zen concept. There were grey and white hues everywhere coupled with glass and pebble stones. Avenue 1 conprises 2 blocks at the moment and has a mini teater for owners to use and also a rooftop BBQ place. The 3rd block that is coming up will house a bar/restaurant at the top most floor.


Cuddly Family said...

you were there??? I was also at MPH warehouse, sooo near my house only!

Ponytail said...

6 hrs!!! Wah, thats good. I wish I could do that. Mike was pratically working throughout the long weekend also...sigh!
He is only off on Sun but still on call and we went to Zoo Negara, quite fun!

hissyhcick said...

Sounds like a fabulous weekend to me :)

andrewjune said...

you did good without hubby right? that's the way girl!
dont chop off you hair, pls!

Moomykin said...

Sounds like you had an even more eventful weekend than I did, and Gadget-daddy was around. Hahahaha...

Oh, I so know the excitement when your love one is on his way home. ;)