Monday, September 29, 2008

Macau - Surprises and Tips

Observations about Macau:

No pics

Noticed many pregnant ladies - all having their 2nd child!
I am not sure why this struck me....maybe becuase in Malaysia, whenever I see a pregnant lady, she is usually having her first!

Pics on 1st row

Left : Hubby totally caught off guard by the price of the food in Solmar! Credit card to the rescue!

Right : Malaysia Oil? We looked very carefully and don't ever remember seeing this ointments in Malaysia!

Pics in middle row

Left : Kjeldsen Butter Cookies imported from Denmark. They even come in multiple sizes. And they evern have the curant ones and the chocolate chip ones. Cost $101 for the medium size butter cookies box. Sorry Simon!

Right : There are many gardens in Macau. Every other corner, you will find a nice landscaped garden

Pics on Last Row

Left : There were 3 workers good naturedly sweeping the garden and trimming the hedges. I say good natured becuase they were occassionally stretching and talking to each other!

Middle : You know a place in toursit friendly when there are "Tourist-place" street signs that tell you how to go where!

Right : People follow street rules and most car drivers are very courteous.
When you walk and reach the corner, make a turn and take the zebra crossing. If you don't you might just end up with a fine! And when you are at the zebra crossing, you can expect cars to make a stop for you!
In fact there are many such green bars protecting pedestrians (I reckon)from any crazy drivers considering the hilly nature of Macau's streets.

Tips if you going to Macau

  • Get a good map from your hotel. One which shows you the bus routes. The bus system in Macau is efficient and relatively cheap.
  • As of Sept 2008, as soon as you enter a cab, the fare starts at $13. Be prepared.
  • As you come out from the airport, take a turn to the right and go to the bus stops. There are some hotel buses that offer free rides from the airport to the hotel even though you are not a guest at that hotel. (They don't ask, you don't tell!)

When we were there, there was only one hotel bus going to Macau Peninsula at the ariport bus-stop - The Grand Emperor Hotel. So, we hopped on to that and took a cab from that hotel to our hotel. Cost us $17. It was actually walk-able but with our roller luggage bag, we didn't want to do it!

  • The Ventian Hotel airport shuttle is very frequent. You may decide to hop on to that one. And then at the Ventian Hotel itself, take another bus to the Macau Ferry Terminal. And chances are your hotel (if you are staying at Macau Peninsula) has a free shuttle from the Ferry Terminal.
  • I would recommend the Royal Hotel if you are into walking more than public transportaion. From the lobby, you can see the tree that marks the bus-stop where Bus 22 to Taipa (cost $3.30) stops. And you can also walk to Lisboa (casion) area or to St. Paul's Ruins or to the 3 Lamps District. However, if you are adventourous enough, you can opt for hotels at the main casino area and take buses to and fro wherever you want to go. Note though that buses don't provide change.
  • Stay at hotels near The Ruins IF you are not an avid gambler. It is the most happening place, seriously.

So, that is Macau for you. This was the first of our annual anniversary trips. Hopefully there will be more to come. And no, #2 didn't happen! :)

Happy Anniversay dearie! Thanks for my 2 pressies!


Angeline said...

you had a great time! Wow!
Oh the tips are superb! especially the 3rd one Shhhhhhh.....Zip!

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, love that pic of your hubby....gosh! The price must have startled him, huh? Ha ha. Good pic.
You have a great week, Lee.

toddlerdaddy said...

Looks like you are having a great trip - I want to go on a trip too now :)

Alexander said...

wow really looks great. I was at Macau before when I was 13 years old...cannot remember how it was alreadi...but really looks nice, food too....

Our Jouneys.... said...

sorry Ann, the alexander comment above is from me. Am using husband's computer, did not realize his name is in blog too...

andrewjune said...

so it's your anniversary trip ehhh...what's the pressies? hehehe...

might consider to go there one day...

HI said... the expression on your hubby's face.

Moomykin said...

Wow, Thanks for all the info.

Glad you guys had a great time, despite the price of your dinner, matched by the priceless shot of your hubby. :)