Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Public Holiday for Selangor yet again.....

This means that my babaysitter is off.
And I am on leave at home taking care of my son.

Given different circumstances, I would have looked forward to this.

Giving him his breakfast and morning bottle.
Taking him down to the playground after which.
Bathe him and then down for his mid-morning nap.
Play and read with him a bit.
Feed him his lunch.
Watch some cartoons/YouTubes.
Read and sing a bit more.
Down for his afternoon nap.
Play with his toys a bit more.
(Daddy coming home)
Prepare to go out kai-kai.
Give him his dinner outside.
Come home, bathe him and sleep.

But alot of which I cannot do now with that much ease.


There is no water in our block! Started last night, they turned it on a while this morning and now it is out again.

Seemingly the pump broke down.

I thought they would leave it on a while longer so I took my time with the ABC soup I had intended to make and my washing. Christopher was after all in the mood to play.

But when I realised the water pressure was getting lower, I knew I didn't have that many minutes.

The washing, I could not save. But the soup I had to get it all cleaned and in the pot.

Alas...it was too late so I had to take pots of water from the bathroom to finish up my cleaning and cooking.

Now I am relying on Wetwipes and Hand Sanitizers so that I don't have to wash my hand too often or rinse the cloth.

I hope the water pump gets repaired soon.

Sigh....thank God I have experience with water rationing.

Time for us to buy a BIG BIG bucket/tong to store water!


simon said...

yeah i LOOOVE these obscure holidays. :)

Julie said...

I hate it when the water pressure's getting low and then no water, especially while I'm doing the washing or cooking or bathing halfway.

Nevertheless, enjoy your holiday. I am!

JLow said...

I was about to echo your blog and say Yeah I too had a day off with the kid, picked her up from school and took her to 1u to go crazy at the kids gym and walked around fooling around on those coin-operated rides but without actually paying and watched the Turkish dancers at the centrecourt and bought some bread at Breadtalk and checked out the parrots being on display....

and then I saw your change of tone after the photos....

Yikes- sorry!

HI said...

UGH!! Hate no water. Luckily, it never happens here. Oops, never say never.

cc said...

Oh I remember the days of water rationing in KL. It was not so fun running up and down the stairs with buckets of water.

Ann said...

Water rationing is really hard esp when all the kids stuff require 'clean' water to even rinse off!!!

THank God it is all fixed now. So we managed to have a better later part of the day!

andrewjune said...

oopsss...i thk i can stand without water but not without electricity hehehe...but having said that, i do need my bath and washing my hair everyday!
yikes i hate both now...(the water rationing & the disrupted electrical supply)

anyway, hey, your bathroom is so squueky clean! wow! hehehe...

yeah it was a public hols here in pg too, but we didn't really enjoyed it that much!

i thk rachael is down with flu!

andrewjune said...

btw, thks for the "plastic stool" tips hehehe...will try on rachael later...

and yup, my mum is cantonese that's why i loved ipoh's food so much! i grew up with cantonese food :-)

Moomykin said...

I hate it when there's no water too.

These are the times I guess it's a blessing my mom does not stay in the same area as us. We'd just go over to get the children showered and do our laundry there even. Hahahaha...

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, we always keep a few plastic bottles of water under our kitchen table for such emergencies....
Never can tell, especially in Winter if heavy ice and snow, electricity gets affected.

Five years ago half of North America no electricity, fortunately we had our spare water, small gas cooker and lots of instant noodles tin foods...three days too.
Must always be prepared, ha ha.
Have a great weekend, Lee.