Tuesday, September 23, 2008


State of Emergency declared.

I received a call yesterday morning telling me that a state of emergency has been declared and that I would have to go home straight away.

I quickly called my parents to pick up boyboy from the babysitter and then rushed home (after a quick email to my boss in NY).

The state was that 2 weeks ago, Miss Z had HFM. She came back last week.
This week, 2 kids were suspected to have HFM.

The emergency was that the centre would need to be closed from Wednesday onwards for 3 days to fully sanitize the area.

One of the suspected cases have been proven clean.

But best to be safe than sorry.

Thankful for such frank openess and the precautions taken.

So, that is my SOE for you.

And the result of this SOE would be fast poops for me, multiple change of clothes, early mornings cooking, crawling around, watching cartoons and Youtube and on top of all that, still working to meet the deadlines.

Thank God there is water!

In all things, give thanks.


andrewjune said...

ohhh so you've to tcare of chris from home and at the same time working fr home as well? ahhhh...

that's what exactly happened to me when our bb sitter's daughter is down with chicken pox...

luckily ur bb sitter is very honest and frank to let u know...some wud just ignore and carry on business as usual...

been there done that, so take a great care urself too...:-)

Angeline said...

Never like 'last minute' stuff, especially stuff like these which completely changes the usual routine of things...but you handled it so well....

Ann said...

June - but thankfully mine will be only for 2 weeks thereabout. You did it for ONE whole month. THankfully hubby could still come home to take you out ya!

Angeline - I am blessed to work in this org that allows me to work from home. Imagine if I couldn't! I would be so stressed!

Moomykin said...

In all things, give thanks.

Just so glad that you have been informed and that boyboy is now in a safe environment.

Happy juggling. :)

Take care of your self too, Mommy.

U.Lee said...

Hi Ann, for a moment got worried re the emergency.
But glad everything okay.
Love that, "fast poops"....ha ha.
Best regards, Lee.