Thursday, October 2, 2008

2nd year anniversary lessons

I was reading back on the lessons I wrote on my 1st anniversary. I think it is good that year in year out, I reflect back and see if I have improved as a wife and if we have improved as a couple.

I am a firm believer of moving forward and improvements.

Communication was one of my 1st anniversary lessons. And it is still in progress.

I am a person of high expectations and I always get a wee bit irritated when hubby doesn't seem to know how I like things done or what I would have liked to have!

The other day, I asked him to get "it" for me and he was looking around seeing where I had put "it"! So, of course I got a bit irritated. Common sense dictated where "it" should be. And I showed it in my voice and actions. Which resulted in hubby also being upset and acting out!

At the end of the day, I told hubby that his acting out really upsetted me. And on my side, I should not have expected him to know where I had placed the "it".

So, you see, it is still in progress.

But at least we are talking about our mistakes and moving on.
And we still share loads of stuff about our past, present and future together.

House chores are no longer a big deal for me. Ironing is a matter of fact. And so is sweeping, cooking, mopping, washing clothes and etc.etc.

I have requested hubby to help me in the folding clothes which he does faithfully now. And sometimes he helps put it away as well - as in into the different rooms!

Lessons for me to take into the next year would be to nag less, I guess. It comes requested from hubby.

I tell him "If you remember to do what I told you the first time, I wouldn't have to remind/nag you about it right?". But if it concerns him as much as that, I guess something has to be done.

Does your hubby complain you nag too much? Do you have any anniversary lessons?


ponytail said... hubby can never fold clothes and even if he did, it's not up to my standard. So, we compromise and meet half way - he makes sure the clothes are washed and hanged to dry and I fold it. He sometimes help with the ironing as well.

I guess if we can never change a person, we can always work around it and meet half way, so both end up happy enough.

Your anniversary post also reminded me to think about my own relationship...thanks for that :)

hissychick said...

Happy anniversary!

No lessons from us...we just celebrated our seventh anniversary and kept joking about the seven year itch not being scratched LOL

I hate hate hate the "nag" word. I think there is a definite disjunct between males and females on the chores front. For some reason they can walk into a room and won't see what needs to be done, hence the resentful prompting on our part...then the reticence on their part to do the chore, then a more insistent reminder from us to do it...then the whole nag debate starts.

Don't ever buy into the nag tag, it's their way of being defensive and/or getting out of a chore. I have a number of comebacks but they are best saved for my own blog where the viewers know that I am likely to offend ;)

andrewjune said...

we dont hv a maid so most of the daily house chores we do it by ourselves...i take care of the clothes and he took care of the bottles sterilizing and cooking porridge for dear rachael...i bath her and sometimes we both feed her...

as for cleaning, we hv part tme maids to do it every 2 weeks...

as for nagging, who doesnt nag? hahaha...

sometimes hubby also nags (ohhh there he goes again...hahaha)...i'm blog hopping while he's in the kitchen cooking the porridge...hahaha...but i'm about to bath rachael then go out for kai kai...

HV A GREAT WEEKEND, and Ann...happy anniversary!

Julie said...

I nag. Not my fault...he makes me nag. Hihi... Same like you, I expect him to know what I know. So far my husband never complain that I nag a lot. He knows that's my personality. He gave in a lot for me actually.

My MIL stays with me so I don't have to do much house chores. I used to cook on weekends before Jonathan came. But now, we just eat out if decide not to cook.

Thanks for sharing...something for me to think about too.

Andrea said...

Yeah...nagging. Don't even get me started on this one! haha. My hubby definitely says I nag too much, but I guess I feel like I'm just saying it over again because I feel like he didn't hear me the first time! Oh well...we can both work on nagging this year I guess. :)

Baby Darren said...

happy anniversary to you!!

I read somewhere that man hates woman nag at them. It'll create adverse effect. The more u nag, the more they don't listen.

So, I tried not to nag and let him learn his lessons.

Ann said...

Hahahaha....looks like the nagging issue is common world wide!

4MalMal said...

hi ann,
i m sometime guilty of the 'it' too, but i think it is not so much abt my high expectation, but my lack of patience to explain further what I m referring to and where exactly the thing is.

hmmm as for nagging, I think my husband nags more than me!

Moomykin said...

Happy Anniversary!

I nag the boys but I really try not to nag hubby. Of course I will "remind" him now and then of things yet to be done, and he takes it well as a reminder.

We both admit that we have poor memory for the present, as in task to do, because our brains are constantly preoccupied. So we take it well.

But as Hissychick said, sometimes they really don't see the startling thing that needs to be done, and also they don't feel our urgency about certain tasks that need to be done NOW!!! hahaha...

Have a good day, my dear.

LittleLamb said...

Happy Anniversary :)

YoU'll NeVeR WaLk AloNe said...

My hubby and me are going to celebrate our 10th anniversary and such long years, I think we had learnt quite enough lessons! hehe!

I hope I am not late to wish both of u "Happy anniversary"!

I love your blog, care to exchange links? :) then we could exchange tips on how to be a better wife. hehe :D

- Ling

YoU'll NeVeR WaLk AloNe said...

Hi Ann, thanks for adding two blogs in your list. I am so honoured.

Growing Up Together is our kids' where we write anything about them

Something About Us is our blog, not solely my hubby's

Sorry for the confusion!

I have added yours in the blogs as well.

Hope to see you around again

- Ling