Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Each to their own

Everyone has their own way or idea on how best to maintain good health.

Some believe in supplements, the western pill popping kind.
Some believe in Chinese herbs and swear by them.
Some believe in going the natural way....maybe organic now after the melamin scare?!

As you know, my current aim is to build up the immune system of my entire family.

(Yes, hubby has been falling illl more often lately too although he gets to sleep through the night!)

So, I really have to do something. I am not really for or against any particular theory. Reckon sometimes a mixture of all does help. And of course a good diet is the base.

But there are things that I have choosen to help me along the way.

Regular doses of Vitamin C - hubby, boyboy and me!

A teaspoon a day for general health - boyboy only!

Trying to take this monthly - though my tongue seldom cooperates with me and LOVES to thrust all those teeny weeny pills left and right around my mouth - only for me!

My most expensive buy yet. But the content of cactus juice, royal jelly and wild honey is known to work wonders - hubby, boyboy and me!

Other things I (and sometimes I push some to hubby) have resorted to taking include Noco, Pearlin, Triflora, Lidan and Refresh - all products of E-Excel. And also Pharmaton and ginseng when required.

Other stuff include Lo Hon Kor, Barley and Ho Yan Hor. And the once in a while Chinese herb-mixture soups!


Sure seems like alot of stuff! What about you?


Mummy-yeoh said...

I am lazy when it comes to supplement. What I do is take calcium pills and fish oil cause I am still breastfeeding. For Sara is just cod liver oil. The rest is from me...:) We believe in fruits and vegetables.

andrewjune said...

yeah i take supplements like vitamin c, calcium and fish oil as a heathy diet which includes a lot of vege and exercise! and detox too!

rachael is taking appeton's mutivitamin as well...

oohhh i just love health concious ppl like you...great!

A gift from God said...

wow.... that's alot of supplements...

Hubby takes salmon omega and vitamin B for his gout and a general health supplement Double X (provided by company).

As for me, only takes double X (off and on)...

Reese used to take Scott Emulsion but now, totally rejects it. So he takes nothing. :)

But I make sure he has alot of fruits. Usually 2 portion of fruits since 6 months old. Now he only take 1 fruit a day...very choosy (mostly banana)...cannot just give him what we want anymore him to take anymore.

I actually believe people who takes too much supplements get sick more often. I see that in some of my relatives and friends.

Julie said...

That's really a lot for me. I'm so lazy to take supplements. I still have those teeny weeny pills left untouched since I deliver. Was thinking to give Jonathan Scott Emulsion and multivites.

Ann said...

Mummy-yeoh - If you don't fall ill that often, I think that goes to show your diet is giving you everything you need. Problem is my dietary habits have changed since boyboy and my lack of sleeping is showing!

June - good that we are in the same club! I used to LOVE my fruits but since boyboy came along, I crave meat more! I need the energy! And nothing beats a GOOD WORKOUT ya!

Florence - haven't been taking any supplements since giving birth and the lack of sleep is making me fall ill too often. have to build up somehow!

Julie - hahaha....i didn't bopther much about supplements until I found myself getting sick too often since delivery due to lack of proper sleep and "stress". And so I too have my post natal pills pying around!

Ponytail said...

Mike is also a believer in he also has like 5-6 types, which I did not keep track for him

For me, its daily evening primrose oils, found that it helps to ease the menstrual headache that I got. Zoe takes Scott's Emulsion daily and I have recently given her the Seven Seas multivits with cod liver oil.
She also take this tablet called Esberitox which is recommended by my gynae. Only when I see that a cold or cough is on the way lah...

My Mom has been nagging me to take "pak fung yuen" also but I hate the little pills all over my mouth. Maybe I should consider it again.

I used to drink honey daily, but reduced now as I think I put on weight easily when taking honey.

Hey, what's the last item u took ah? Sounds good with the combination of royal jelly, cactus juice and wild honey :)

Moomykin said...

We also are not the pill popping type.

(Speaking of which, I forgot to take my supplements of obumin and calcium today for my little one in me. Oops!)
I also take this thing called Falxseed oil, recommended by a mom in my church. Good for mommy's and baby's brain, it seems.

But I give my boys cod liver oil and a multivitamin. Usually I try to put both in one spoon coz Max especially hates the cod liver oil.

4MalMal said...

It has never really dawn on me until recently that I m VERY responsible for the health of my husband and my son. I m now more conscious about what I cook.

Baby Darren said...

Hubs and I can never finish a bottle of supplement..THe only supplement I took faithfully was folic acid when I was pregnant with Darren..hahaha...

Now, even Darren also dun like to take supplements. He is rejecting his Scotts Emulsion lately.