Sunday, October 5, 2008

Friday night out and weekend in

The streets were pretty empty on Friday. So, hubby and I decided to have a night out and venture where we would never have gone otherwise.
We took a drive to check out this new place told to us by PN.

Fullhouse is in a new development called NZX Complex. When I google searched this, I was very surprised to find that NZX actually was a short form for NiuZeXui (a Chinese name!).
NZX is accessible either through a small entrance/sudden roadturn opposite the Subang LRT depot OR a more obvious entrance opposite the Crimson Condominiums.

The concept of Fullhouse is really unique. You can either choose to hang out in the garden or indoors or upstairs. The place is relaxing, maybe becuase there were not many people there that night. And the waiter/waitresses are very friendly.

Food wise, the selections are quite wide from Western fare to noodles. The selection of desert is superb. Small cakes cost RM2.50 each. Small enough for you to try a few without seeming too greedy! The drinks were also fairly priced and had a large variety.

We had the Soft Shell Crab, Wok Seared Chicken, 2 deserts (excellent!), lemon green tea and chocolate peppermint shake. Total bill approx. RM45.

After dinner we walked around the complex and took some shots of the shops there. The Chinese shop sells alot of wedding stuff. And the Starbucks cafe is 3 storeys with a rooftop sitting.

Christopher boy enjoying his Friday night out as well.


And then over the weekend we were stuck at home.

Why? Little one had hives (fung mok, in Cantonese). So, no wind, no bathe and a whole lot of calamine for him.

Took him to the Chinese doctor and cost of medication RM88 for his prolonged cough, slight flu and the hives.

New Illness Rule

- when Western medication doesn't work after 1 week, then it will be Chinese medication for him.

After his recovery, it would be his MMR jab and then a great need to boost his immune system!


Andrea said...

Awww...I hope Christopher's hives get better real quick - they are no fun!!

Julie said...

Chinese medicine also not cheap, yeah? Hope he will recover soon to be prepared for the MMR jab.

4MalMal said...

I wonder whether is this a passing phase for every kids. My boy used to have that when he was younger and we were so desperate that we resort to my mum's method of using Guinness Stout with water to bath him! I think it got better a little. maybe u can give it a try if all else fail.
if u r interested, can read our story here

andrewjune said...

ohhh, julie's son is down with chicken pox and lil chris is having hives....oh dear! hope lil chris is recovering fast by now...

rachael's MMR jab is also due this mth...

btw, FULL HOUSE is really a cool place to hang out ehhh!

Moomykin said...

Hope Boyboy is all well now.

Looks like you guys had a really great day out. :)

LittleLamb said...

Is this place near Subang Parade?

Btw, how old is yr own?

Hope he has fully recovered from hives.

Debbie Y said...

oh gosh...little Christopher has hives?? hope he will get well soon.

Btw, thanks for dropping my blog.