Monday, October 27, 2008

No words to describe it.....

High fever for 3 days starting Wednesday night.
Thursday early morning 3 am, temperature hit a mind boggling 40 degress.

Joint pains on Friday lasting till now still.

Red dots sprouted on Sunday lasting till now still.

Grandma SOS-ed down from Ipoh to help me take care of Christopher so that I can go back to work and show some decency of being an employee still!

Maybe another 2-3 days of annual leave required to take care of him.

I am also seriously ill due to 2 nights of NO sleep and 4 nights of interrupted sleep.

All effect of ? The MMR immunization.

Some kids have it bad, some kids have it easy. One of those things!
On a high note, my son knows how to come down from our bed now and come out of the room himself. Previously when he wants to get down, he would sit and call for us to come help him down.

Grandma says he is such a clever boy....
Even despite all the crying and all the fretfullness and all the demanding cries, he is still a darling pet and a clever boy!

I think I need a long weekend break all over again!


A gift from God said...

Poor family,

Will pray for speedy recovery...

LittleLamb said...

Wishing your son a fast recovery.
No worries on the spots. Will subside very soon.

hissychick said...

How horrible. Hope you are both better very soon.

andrewjune said...

wah didnt know the effect of the MMR immunization is so "powerful"...

rachael is supposed to hv it last wk, but our pedi said Rachael has a slight fever so postponed it to this wk instead...

i hope she wont be having such high fever!

despite the fever, chris boy is so clever boy :-)

Julie said...

Really bad...I'm praying hard Jonathan will be fine with the jab. Since he just got chickenpox, I'll wait till another month.

And despite all their mischievious act, they are still our darling.

Moomykin said...

Ge3t well soon, little Christopher.

Rest more, Mummy.

It'll all be over soon... and yes, another long weekend sounds so good, ya?

4malmal said...

i truly think it is the MMR. My boy had a very bad experience when he had that too. He was sick for the longest time!