Thursday, October 9, 2008

One *sweet* moment

I plopped myself on the sofa. Hubby was out and I had just finished cleaning Christopher's poop-y bum, wiped him down and got him into his PJ top. He had followed me to the kitchen to throw his soiled diaper and was just catching up with me in the living room. After a minute of pondering, he started to walk towards the bedroom. I saw him go in from the sofa and started counting. Give him 10 and if he doens't come out by then, I would go investigate what treasures he has found. On the count of 4, he toddled out, swinging his right arm vigorously (we call it exercising!) and smiled at me.

I half thought he would walk to me and give me a hug. But he just stopped there half way, turned around and walked back to the room.

I asked "Boy, want to oi oi (sleep) already?" He turned around to look at me and then continued his walk to the bedroom.

I counted again. Not after 3 counts, he pops his head out again, takes a few steps towards me and then heads back to the bedroom.

"Ahh...want to oi oi already ah? So early?"
It was only 8.30 pm.

I went to the room, turned on the fan and lifted him up onto the bed. He rolled himself into position, got out his thumb and fell asleep.

Life is easy when they can tell you what they want to do.

Around 9.45 pm, I was in the kitchen with my sister getting her a ginger honey drink. I heard a "Ma..ahhhhh, Ma..ahhhhh". I thought it was the TV coz sonny boy rarely gets up late at such hour. But he was up, sitting at the edge of the bed calling for me to come to him.

I got in and lied down with him. And he cuddled up to me, rolled around, sat up and plopped down again. Decided to get up to get his milk. ! I don't get to go unless I carry him along with me too! So, yes, I have mastered the art of making milk with one hand and holding him with my other (painful, going to break) arm!

He is a total manja ("Spoilt") case when he is semi-awake.

Hubby was back from work, Christopher in hand.

As soon as I open the door, my little boy starts to smile and wiggle and reach out to me.

"Not yet boy! Wait for mummy to open the door!"
Hubby had one bag pack, son in arm and his other free hand carrying a pot of sour vege (chap sui) that our babysitter had made for our dinner.

I hurried to open the door and took him from hubby. Walked in and put him down in the living room.

Off he went to his toy bucket, got one and turned around. He did not see me behind him but saw hubby walk into the bedroom.

Lonely lonely him, he bawled/called "Aahh...Aahhh..AaaAaaHhhh!"
No, he doesn't knwo the magic word of Daddy or Mummy yet!

Since I was standing behind him, I called "Boy, mummy is here. Don't worry!"
Not like he was worrying. He just didn't want to be left alone/behind.

He turned around and saw me. Dropped his toy and waddled towards me, arms stretched.
Ahhh....hug hug time.

He will look for you if you are not around and will bawl after you if he cannot catch up with you fast enough.

He had screened through the entire condo, went through almost every drawer and peeked through almost every cupboard.

But once in a while he finds something new. And still loves to share his little secrets with mummy and daddy.

So, he toddles purposefully over to me, something in hand.

I know I am to ask "What did you find? What little treasure is that? Can you let mummy see?"
More coz I am afraid he found something dangerous.

He will walk over come close to me/lean onto me/stand in front of me (depending on his mood) and give it to me.

Sometimes when I hold it up, he goes "Wahhhh!" (in amazement) and I would have to go "Waaahhhh" too! That would get me a smile and maybe even a walk to put it back!

Chrsitopher finds things amazing and really does want to share in his excitement.

There is a new game he has leant. It really started accidentally.
We know it as horse back riding.

Christopher loves his horse back rides. And now whenever I sit on the edge of the bed and tap my shoulders, he would rrruuussshhh to get up, walk over and put his arms on my shoulders and get ready to have his legs picked up around my waist.

He would laugh when I jiggle around. And sometimes scare me when he looses his grip on my shoulder or on my shirt.

And he does that on purpose sometimes coz he knows I would then rush to put him down ont he bed and then pretend to fall down with him.

Then giggle giggle, roll roll and then up we go again!

Christopher loves action, more contact games these days. He knows how to ask for it by tapping on my shoulder and knows when I am ready to give it to him as well.

He was walking around and playing with his toys, occasionally looking around to make sure daddy or mummy is nearby.

I sit on the floor to be eye-level with him so that I can talk to him and play with him easier.

He catches my eye and smiles.

"Boy, hug hug?"

He looks at me, gets up and walks over to me with his arms stretched out.

And literally walks over to me and wraps his little arms around my neck!

There is no greater feeling in the world!

Christopher understands what is a hug, loves to get it from mummy and obliges mummy with one all the time.


little prince's mummy said...

so sweet to hug hug mum

Julie said... sweet. I'm gonna melt. :)

Ponytail said...

aaaaah...Christopher is such a sweet boy!

It's moments like these that make being a Mom worth the while :)

JLow said...

I've been accused of being biased towards my second child, preferring always my first.

I have always maintained that it's because for the first few months of the lives, they don't do much other than eat, poop, sleep, cry; in no particular order. That I can't seem to form that connection with this living thing that does nothing other than being such a nuisance (honestly).

I have finally shown them what I have been meaning, now that Caleb's started to respond: To being spoken to, to making funny sounds and faces at, to calling him, to singing to him, etc.

I guess I can only make this "connection" when they are responsive.

So, I so know what you are talking about! After all, this interaction is why Caitlin, my first born jie-jie and I are so close! We spent a lot of time chatting in bed, even if it were 3-words sentences from her!

Moomykin said...

Oh, such a lovely record of wonderful milestones.

Our little ones can sure make our days, eh?

Happy Mommy's Day. :)

Anonymous said...

Many sweet moments you shared with Christopher...i was reading with a smile in my heart.

Do hop by my blog to claim an award when you are free, yeah...

Baby Darren said...

It is just so sweet to notice the little gesture the boy has demonstrated. It is also very sweet for the mommy to appreciate all these little gestures.

Christ has really grown up a lot....

andrewjune said... sweet, it goes to show how much they grow and learn so's kinda scary how they grow so fast too (i want my baby to stay forever a baby!)