Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Ordinary or extraordinary

A mother was upset with her child. From an outsider's standpoint, it would seem that the mother was upset because her child failed to be extraordinary.

She must have some high standards. Or perhaps her definition of extraordinary was different from that of her child.

That got me thinking.

Ever hear of the phrase "Perfectly Ordinary" ?
Now ever hear of the phrase "Perfectly Extraordinary"?

I think I only have heard of ordinary being perfect. I have never heard of extraordinary being perfect.

Sometimes ordinary may just be the best thing for our child. And in accepting the ordinary, things just seem perfect.

Expectations = child's capabillity

In the end, the mother died regretting the way she had done things wishing she had a chance to do it all over again.

Do not let the guilt of our mistakes make us force our children to never make mistakes in their life.


Something About Us said...

Hi Ann, thanks for sharing.

Because of what we have gone through the years, I am sure we will not want our kids to follow our footsteps. hence I am very careful not to push my kids too hard.

Every child has their unique ways and my kids stand out from the rest, in my eyes. :)

- Ling

4MalMal said...

hey ann, thanks for sharing...nice thoughts and I feel so inspired to write something! got to find my words :)

Angeline said...

yes, inspiring words indeed....

Every child IS extraordinary in their own ordinary ways....

little prince's mummy said...

No 1 is perfect anyway...

Daddy Parenting Tips said...

No doubt though, that the world is getting more competitive. Of course, we could always sit back and be consoled by the Malaysian local media, but that actually make many of us less than ordinary. The ordinary these days gets lots of breastfeeding, lots of parental care and teaching, lots of guidance at the right direction from educated parents and the right environment that promotes creativity, diligence and self motivation. So, besides asking ourselves whats ordinary and extra ordinary - we should question whats less than ordinary and expect nothing less. Its true isn't it? 2009 will be a year where more mummy and daddies stay closer to reality, lest they continue to stick on the local Malaysian media expressway that everything is ok ... less than ordinary.

Moomykin said...

I think it's really the parents who feel that they have not achieved certain things in life and then try to "give" that to their children.

Oh, do let the children be children while they can. Too soon their innocence will be but a memory. Let them enjoy life.