Sunday, October 19, 2008

Stomp, pitter patter away

STOMP (squeek) STOMP (squeek) STOMP(squeek) .... off he went walking like a giant !

Here comes Missy with a scissors.

snip snip snip .... off the tag went.

Pitter (squeek) patter STOMP (squeek), pitter patter (squeek) STOMP....

Bend and touch, bend and touch ...

"Let's go", I say.

Don't touch me, GO AWAY !

There he goes again pitter (squeek) patter STOMP (squeek) STOMP !

"Come on, this way! Hey...hurry up!"

Go away.... let me go again.... pitter (squeek) STOMP STOMP (squeek) patter.
You know what happened?
We got Christopher a new pair of shoes.
And the left side makes a squeeking sound.
Which interested him to NO END.
And it took us 1 hour to walk from Bata back to the carpark!
He has a great interest in walking with his new shoes now.


Julie said... sound to him and new shoe wor. Of course he got all excited. Eh, mommy didn't post up pic of the new shoe ar?

Ann said...

Julie - will post pic next week. Forgot to bring camera out!

Ann said...

Julie - will post pic next week. Forgot to bring camera out!

andrewjune said...

wah mummy is excited to get him a new shoes till forgot the camera ehhh?

rachael is taking 2 new steps then falls down again hahaha...soon i will be buying new waling shoes for her as well...

i will be very BUSY then! chasing her around!

mumsgather said...

Hahaha. When we first got the kids shoes with lights on them. They had a fantastic time dancing in our darkened bedroom in them before they wore it out of the house. Lol.

Moomykin said...

Ahh... nothing like squeeky shoes for a new walker. :)

Also good for the parents to know where the little one is by ear!

Have fun, Christopher!!

Ann said...

Mumsgather - yeah...will try that one next!

Kin - hahaha...very true. And he is having ALOT of fun indeed!

Angeline said...

*laugh* that's the beauty of kids isn't it? Appreciate little things and having loads of fun with every new discovery.... its sad when such magic disappears as they grow....

Baby Darren said...

hahahaha...Darren loves his "pit pit" shoes too but now his feet has outgrown it.

I guess every kid should have a pair of "pit pit" shoe once in their lifetime.

Anonymous said...

At first i thought you were having a nightmare!

I have been there before and i know, REALLY how annoying that squeeking sound are!!

Once awhile, Dot would still wear his Squeeky and attempt to annoy me by walking with it around the house!!