Thursday, November 13, 2008

Back to Ipoh II

Just realised that the last time I was back in Ipoh was during Chinese New Year. It has been too long a time. Time for the youngest to meet the oldest again.

My grandma's (mum's side) birthday falls in this month and it would be good for her to celebrate her birthday with her great-grand-son.

The last time we all saw my grandma was when my uncle left for New York. And in the airport, my grandma was putting in alot of effort to make my son laugh and accept her carrying him.

Her efforts really touched my heart. She really loves kids, especially kids of within the same family.

And for all her forgetfulness, she remembered my son's chinese name.

So as a mum, I have to put in the effort too to bring my son over to spend time with her.

A child's laughter brings out the best in us. What wonder.


andrewjune said...

ohhh do take some time off to go back to ipoh...and at the same time, enjoy ipoh's delicacies...yummy! it's been years too since i went to ipoh...

i'm craving for ipoh's cantonese food!


Ponytail said...

"A child's laughter brings out the best in us. What wonder."

Totally agree with this!

4malmal said...

gotto bring mal to all these places in malaysia when we r back! I have been to ipoh once...donkey years ago! have fun!

Angeline said...

Nice! after such a long time, she must have missed your son alot!

Moomykin said...

Have a good trip.

Our dear old ones should be visited as much as we can, I suppose, as we know they are at the end of their winters.

My boys also have one great-grandma left, also my mum's mum. We will plan a trip this holiday to visit her.