Sunday, November 9, 2008

Funnies for the weekend

Christopher was tired out. He had been up since 7 am. And mummy who was really teary eyed due to lack of sleep decided to take the short cut and plop him in front of the TV with Fun Song Factory while she went about her business of cooking, boiling barley, making breakfast and getting ready for church, all in the slowest motion possible.

At church, mummy was on ushering duty and daddy was nursing a sprain ankle, so WY helped carry Christopher who was almost going to sleep by then.

Worship ended, congregation clapped.

Up goes Christopher from the crook oh WY's hand, blurry eyed (very much like mummy earlier) and clap!clap!clap! he went. Nothing much happening, snuggle he went back to sleep.

Then there was the introduction of new comers some 10 minutes later. Congregation clapped.

Up goes Christopher from the crook oh WY's hand, blurry eyed (very much like mummy earlier) and clap!clap!clap! he went. Nothing much happening, snuggle he went back to sleep. (again!)

You bet, it created quite a roar from the people sitting behind and beside my son. Want to get invovled, want to clap hand. People clap, I also want to clap. But I am sleepy too....zzzz....

Christopher LOVES sitting with daddy at the steering wheel. I know I shouldn;t have indulged in this lack of safety luxury, but we are only allowing him to do it when daddy is in PARK.

So, saturday night and we were on our way back from Puchong. He was a wee bit cranky at 11 pm and wanted his way at the steering wheel. But "NO! Mummy says only when the car has stopped. Now daddy is driving you have to sit quietly, boy!" Crying and arching and tantrums....but after some 5 minutes of telling him repeatedly, he quitened down and accepted his fate!

Snuggled down and decided to nap instead. So, happy were we driving home.

Daddy reached home and parked the car!

POOF, his eyes shot open and ZOOM he made a bee line for the driver's seat! And what a cheeky grin he gave me sitting in his daddy's lap moving teh steering wheel. It didn't help that daddy went "brroommmm....vrroommmmm" and moved the sterring wheel too. So it was a good 10 minutes of fun behind the wheel for him.

"Like that also fun ah?"

But daddy is secretly proud of his son I reckon....coz whenever he wants to go over to sit at the driver's seat, he will distinctively call out "Daddeee....". And what more of a boy can you make of it when he loves to sit with his daddy at the driver's seat and play preted with him.

"Like that also can..."

On a mummy proud note, Christopher has started babbling words. It was a "ooohhh" and "aaahhh" and "wwaaaahhh" previously, but now he does try to say a few words.

1) ights (lights)
2) dy bear (teddy bear)
3) ar (star)
4) ound, ound den (round and round the garden)

He also tries singing twinkle, twinkle little star and round and round the garden. And he does actions quite perfectly.

He had to perform on Sunday evening at my inlaws place.
Pat your head.
Where is your shoulders?
Hop little bunny.
Bye bye.
Flying kiss.
....and loads more....

I am not a performing mum, so he was left alone in his little performances with me nagging "Hai, don't make him perform like that lah!" on deaf ears.

(some pics to come soon.)


Baby Darren said... was so funny on the clap clap hand issue...

And...Christ is so smart..already started talking at such a young age. Even Darren kor kor still cannot talk much. I'm sure u are faster than him in speech...

Julie said...

Christopher must be pretend sleeping. He's so funny. Did you manage to record it down?

Christopher is catching up so fast. Now he can talk and perform. Me ar...stil trying hard to encourage Jonathan to walk unaided and talk before Christmas comes. Kiasu mommy huh? Hihi...

Jonathan and Christopher is in the same gang. What you said on the steering wheel thing is exactly the same happening here. I make it straight to Jonathan that only when Daddy park then he's allowed to climb to the front. Sometimes he got confused with parking and stopping at traffic lights. The moment Daddy park, he tried to unbuckle himself or reach out for me to carry. Terrible... :)

Bobo Bear said...

He is so funny, Mummy & Daddy must be very proud..Has Christopher said Mummy yet? My Boy says Papa Papa, I'm still waiting for him to say Mama Mama.

HI said...

LOL...LOL...I couldn't stop laughing at the church clapping thing. Too funny!!

andrewjune said...

clever boy...wah can sing twinkle twinkle lil star already? wow! that's pretty fast ehhh!

rachael is also like chris, she also sleeps while the car is moving, but when the car stops, she is wide awake!

btw, she is sucking her thumb!

A gift from God said...

Boy boy is so cute...

Anyway..regarding the wheels...mmmm... Once we let Reese play at the steering wheel... there is no going back...everytime he wants to play with took us a very very long time to finally break that from him... now...we never never let him go to the front... hehehe...

You can buy him a steering wheel...they are selling one that can be used with the car seat at The Curve..ELC (toy shop opposite the playground)

milochel said...

teehee ur baby so cute..

very cheeky as well :)

Moomykin said...

Oh, this is when they are the cutest. Most babies are really ready to entertain their parents and relatives and friends upon requests. Then they stop at a certain stage.

I love baby talk... and it's always only the mommy and daddy who understands them. :)

Have a good week.

mumsgather said...

Haha. Christopher sure knows how to wake up when the time is right.

Angeline said...

*laugh* that clapping issue was hilarious!
Oh my boys love to have their hands on the steering wheels too and they'll only get their chance when papa happened to park his car just to run to the coffeeshop for his morning coffee....

4malmal said...

watching them grow and achieving their every milestones is such a joy!

Ann said...

Oh, reading your comments was also funny for me....the steering wheel looks like a common denominator among boys!

Florence, thanks for the tip, we were scounting high and low for one!

Darren's mum, Julie and June, he is saying words only once in a while and only when I start singing the Fun Song Factory songs. He can say all those words but not Mummy. And daddy only comes out when he wants the steering wheel.